Weird and wonderful bodies

Our bodies are all different but equally and wonderfully made

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The human body is an amazing thing and we’ve found out quite a lot about our anatomy but much of it still remains a mystery. However, what we know about our body is that it is amazing and also weird.

Here are some bizarre facts about the human body and some of the facts are fun, most of them odd and some may even be a little gross. 

Did you know that your tongue prints are just as unique as your fingerprints? The tongue is made up of a few groups of muscles and is constantly working. It helps you mix the food in your mouth when you’re eating, and of course contort itself to form words when we talk. It works even when you’re sleeping to push saliva down your throat.  

Your stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razorblades! The reason why you don’t have gaping holes in your stomach is that the cells lining your stomach renew themselves frequently. So frequently that we get a new stomach lining every three to four days! 

It is more likely for a person to die from the lack of sleep than from starvation. Sleep loss and poor quality sleep can lead to accidents and injuries during work and also on the road. Sleep deprivation was part of some of the biggest disasters such as the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl! 

We shed between 0.03 and 0.09 grams of skin per hour so over our lifetime, it adds up to around 35 kilograms! Most of the shed skin is in the form of tiny flakes which actually makes up a lot of the house dust in your home. 

Everybody smells different and has a unique smell, except for identical twins who smell the same. 

Sneezes can chart a speed of 100 miles per hour while coughs can clock about 60 miles per hour! 

In a day, a healthy person will produce about 0.75 to 1.5 litres of saliva! In your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools! 

Almost 80 percent of the brain is water, so when you’re properly hydrated, you’ll be able to think faster, focus on your work more with clarity and better creativity! If drinking water isn’t something you’re into, you can also eat fruits like watermelon and strawberries or vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, zucchini and celery! 


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