Weather-Appropriate Tips on Dressing Your Baby

It’s all about find the right temperature balance

Getting to know your baby’s body temperature can be tricky, especially when living in a tropical country. At times, the weather can be scorching hot or you may visit places with colder climates and on such days, how do you dress your baby?

Did you know that not dressing your baby right according to temperature could affect their health and comfort? Hence, it is important to dress them well according to the temperature. Check out our tips for dressing your baby according to the hot and cold climate.

Comfortable on a sunny day
Overdressing could lead to heat rash, whereas underdressing your baby could lead to sunburn or heat stroke. Here’s what to do:

Clothing tips
Indoor: Choose loose fitting or lightweight clothing preferably made from cotton as it absorbs moisture better.

Outdoors: Dress them up in light-coloured clothes as they absorb less heat. Also, don’t forget to bring a hat along to shield their head and face from the blazing sun.

Did you know?
According to the National Health Service (NSH) in the United Kingdom, it is important for your baby to remain cool, especially during hotter days to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, sometimes known as “cot death”

Comfortable on cooler days
There are some days when it gets rainy and the temperature drops or you may visit places with cooler temperatures. During these times, it’s crucial to make sure your baby wears a few layers to keep warm, cozy and safe from falling ill.

Dressing tip
Indoor: For chilly days, something like a diaper and onesie covered with another warm layer of clothing like a swaddle or blanket would be perfect in maintaining the baby’s body temperature. On top of that, having skin-to-skin contact is an ideal way to warm up your baby since your body warmth helps to regulate their body temperature. Plus, it’s an added bonus for snuggles!

Outdoors: Be sure to cover your baby from head to toe! We’re talking about a hat or beanie, socks and baby mittens if needed. Moreover, be sure to have a blanket or swaddle in their stroller in case it gets windy.

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