Upper Bodү Workouts

Tone and sculpt your upper body with these exercises!

When working out, it is important to train each and every muscle group in your body. While it is common for people to focus more on a full-body workout, it isn’t ideal to be doing it everyday. Performing exercises for different body parts on separate days, gives your muscles more rest between each workout session and helps prevent yourself from overtraining.

So, at times when you’re not training for a full-body workout, focusing on a particular body part, for instance, the upper body would be an ideal choice too!


The good news about the upper body workout is that it’s great for everyone including those who aren’t able to use their legs to perform other types of physical exercises due to injuries or disabilities.

If you’re still reading this, it is safe to assume that you’re interested to know more about the upper body workouts.

Well, get your workout outfit ready because it’s going to get sweaty! Here are five easy workouts you might want to give a try.


BENCH PRESS: The bench press or sometimes also known as the chest press, is carried out by lying down on a bench and pushing a barbell or dumbbells upwards using both hands from chest level until the arms are straight.

Repetition: 12
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: 3

RESISTANCE BAND CHEST PRESS: This is a great way to strengthen your chest and arms without the need to do push-ups! Resistance band chest press exercise can be done while standing or sitting on a chair.

Repetition: 10
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: 3


ONE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW: Holding a dumbbell in one hand (left), bend over to place your right knee and right hand on a bench. Then, slowly pull your upper arm backwards while bending your elbow. This continuous exercise helps strengthen your upper back and arms as well as your shoulder.

Repetition: 8
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: 3 to 4 for each arm

RESISTANCE BAND PULL APART: Hold a resistance band with your hands shoulder-width apart and focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you pull the band.

Repetition: 6 to 8
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: If you would like to push your limits, you may go for 6 sets

There are countless exercises you can do for the biceps without using any workout equipment.
For instance, simple bicep workouts are:
Arm circles
Bicep curls

If you don’t have access to dumbbells, you can use any household objects such as soup cans, water bottles or even detergent.

Repetition: 12
Rest between sets: 30 to 90 seconds between each sets
Sets: 6 sets for each arm


Your triceps are powerful muscles that work together with biceps to extend your arms. Some of the exercises you should consider for this body part incorporates:

Tricep dips (this exercise works for both your triceps and chest)
Tricep extensions (as for this exercise, you can either use a resistance band or dumbbell as a weight support)

Since biceps and triceps fall under the same muscle group, you can do supersets. Supersets is a concept where you perform two exercises back to back followed by a short break time. For example, perform biceps movement and immediately continue with your triceps routine.

Repetition: 10
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: 3 to 6 sets


For these powerhouse muscles, you will need a different type of workout such as:

OVERHEAD PRESS – whereby you use a barbell and lift it from your chest to above your head.

SIDE TO LATERAL RAISE – use a lighter dumbbell in each hand and slowly lift your arms straight up by your side until you level with your shoulder. Then slowly lower them back down to start your next repetition.

Repetition: 10
Rest between sets: 30 seconds
Sets: 3 to 4 sets for each arm if you’re doing one arm at a time


Having someone to exercise with is a great way to keep you motivated. Plus, having someone with you could prevent any injuries from occurring, especially when lifting weights. Also, do take note that no matter what type of workout you choose to do, it’s crucial to not skip warm up and cool down sessions before and after your exercise.

Editor’s Note: This piece does not replace advice from a medical expert. If you have any concerns, do check with your doctor prior to engaging in these exercises.

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