Upcycling ideas for your home

Why buy something new when you can just make it?

Sure, the DIY life isn’t for everyone but what if we told you that it is also good for the environment? Converting something old or a little battered into something else to use around your home ensures that the item doesn’t moulder away in a landfill somewhere. This is especially true especially if the item is plastic. 

Here are some ideas on what and how to upcycle some items around your home.

Jute storage basket 

If you have a sturdy cardboard box at home, you can turn it into a chic storage basket with just jute string and a hot glue gun. Do note that these storage boxes should be for items that won’t be in contact with water so they’ll do great in the laundry room. These are also perfect to keep pet supplies or even children’s toys which will keep your living room neat and tidy.


Larger jute storage baskets can also go into your car boot to keep your car’s interior tidy. Additionally, if you’re getting groceries, just pop them into the box and you don’t have to worry about your apples rolling into an unreachable nook or cranny in your car.


Glass jars 

For empty food jars, upcycle them into food storage jars (so creative, yes, we know). To remove the labels, soak them in water and to get rid of the adhesive, use mineral oil. Afterwards, wash them out with hot soapy water and use them to make overnight oats or to pack salads to work. For salads, pack the veggies on the top to prevent them from wilting before lunch time. So, not only are you upcycling, you’re also eating healthier!

Additionally, keep these jars and bring them on your next shopping trip. Zero waste stores are popping up and these jars are perfect containers to buy loose or powdery items such as nuts, flour or sugar. Use them to store solid soaps but do pop some silica gel pouches in them to absorb moisture.


Candle jars 

Clean out the leftover wax by putting them in the freezer and scraping it out with a butter knife. Wash out the container with hot water and dish soap then dry overnight. These jars are great to use as centrepieces for your coffee table. Stick some fresh cut flowers in them with a little water and it’ll add such a refreshing touch to your home! These jars are also great to hold office supplies which keeps your office table tidy.

Add some soil into these jars and choose plants that don’t require a lot of water such as succulents and grow a little garden on your balcony!

If you have an even number of taller candle jars, wash them out thoroughly and fill them with coloured sand, glitter and seashells or even marbles and use them as book ends.

Tin can tea lights 

Tin cans can make lovely tea light holders and all you need is colourful paint and a strong hole punch or a hammer and nail. These little lanterns would look great especially if you’re having a garden party or even in the home if you’re having a romantic night in with your loved one. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, wash the tins out and use them as utensil holders or a place to put errant pens and pencils in your home.

There’s no need to make a huge project out of upcycling the items in your home. If you’re thinking of throwing something away, have a think about how else can it serve you and does it require a lot of effort to upcycle it. The same goes to when you’re thinking of buying something new. Do you really need it and can you find a way to get the item you need by making it out of something lying around at home?