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TrueLifesciences Holdings is committed to bringing their products to a wider audience while supporting the growth of our community pharmacies. - By Susan Lau

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TrueLifesciences Holdings is a company known for their nutraceutical products that help its users lead healthier lives. 1Twenty80 speaks to Joe Pramesh, Chief Mentor Officer of TrueLifesciences Holdings on his accomplishments and how he plans on making a positive and healthier change as well as improving the quality of life of individuals in this modern age.

1Twenty80: Could you please tell us more about TrueLifesciences and how you grew it to the success it is today?

Joe Pramesh: This year, we’re celebrating our sixth year in Malaysia, we started with only 2 products with 3 employees in 2012 and today, we have 25 products supported by 45 employees throughout Malaysia. We had to experience an organic growth as our main objective was to not only sell nutraceutical products but to educate community pharmacist and the community on the effectiveness of natural products with the support of clinical studies.

Having understood the methods and processes of promoting nutraceutical products, we then decided to take our next step and duplicate the same process in Singapore, Nepal and Vietnam.

1Twenty80: What were some of the challenges that you faced during this journey?

Joe P: It was not easy to introduce products that were extracted from natural ingredients and can be effective in improving the quality of life of people. Consumers were turning mainly to medications as the sole treatment option and many were not exposed to nutraceuticals or natural products despite having clinical studies to prove its effectiveness.

Hence, we believe that health education is vital. We have been organising special programmes for community pharmacist to help them find an effective link between the patient’s health concerns and their needs.

1Twenty80: Could you explain to us briefly about the business?

Joe P: Truelifesciences is our holding company and we’ve categorised ourbusiness into:

True Functional Foods Sdn Bhd – A company that introduces food-based products focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals. Products from this company are unique as they’re made out of common food ingredients but once specifically processed and its nutrients extracted, it caters to specific health needs. For example, we have a product that contains cranberry which helps with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Har Wan Healing Sdn Bhd – A company that specialises in supplements that uses active amino acids from the channa striatus (Haruan) fish as an effective wound healing and joint pain alternative. Plus, products under this category are fully researched and produced in Malaysia.

As time went by, people began changing their lifestyles. We then decided to set up another company called:

True Science Medic Sdn Bhd – It introduces products that addresses modern-day health problems such as neck strains and aches due to lifestyle factors like looking at your smartphone and tablets for long hours. We have a range of products to tackle these issues and help our customers lead a better quality of life.

In summary, we are providing consumers natural products which they can consume daily to fit their ever-changing lifestyles and stay healthy.

1Twenty80:What are your future plans for the company?

Joe P: As we understand the important role of community pharmacists, we are committed to introducing highly innovative products to enable pharmacist to address the symptoms of chronic illnesses naturally, with the use of safe products with long term benefits. Also, we see ourselves taking

a prominent role as a leading Malaysian nutraceutical company that’s on par with international supplement brands.

1Twenty80: What is your favourite health remedy?

Joe P: Sleep! Having enough sleep helps fortify our immune system and our bodies will recover while sleeping. I also ensure that I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated.

1Twenty80: What is your tried and tested remedy for stress?

Joe P: Stress happens because we’re never ready for results that we didn’t plan for. My remedy is to ensure that I have all the plans ready before executing it and have all the options that could and will happen. Therefore, nothing happens unplanned.

Once in a while, we may have unexpected outcomes and when that happens, it’s all a matter of taking a step back, take some time to think and make the right judgement.

1Twenty80: What is your personal motto in life and why did you choose this motto?

Joe P: Never give up. I chose this motto because sometimes in life, you’ll never know when things will unfold but surely it will when it is time. We need patience and believe in what we’re trying to achieve.


Family Time

Joe P. also shares his thoughts on family and the importance of prioritising well.

1Twenty80: What do you usually do during ‘family time’?

Joe P: It’s always important to spend quality time with family members, know what they are experiencing, understand their views on certain issues and support their ideas. Meal times are my favourite with my family, plus my mother cooks wonderfully and all her dishes are my favourite. I make the effort to catch up with her in Penang thrice a month.

1Twenty80:What is your advice for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy, happy family?

 Joe P: Firstly, we must know that our job is never permanent, and it’ll always change but our family is permanent. You have to balance what’s permanent with what’s not and learn to prioritise certain things.

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