Trendy Face Masks

Protecting yourself while staying stylish

Donning a face mask is a necessity during this pandemic. Especially now that you’re encouraged to wear face masks when in a public space and it’s even mandatory for some areas such as crowded places, the face mask is now part of your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day). Plus, these pieces of cloth that’s protecting you from falling sick or spreading the virus are now being turned into fashionable accessories.

From celebrities to our very own royal family, people are sporting outfit matching face masks to complement their look. If you find that the disposable face mask is starting to ruin your look for the day, here are some tips on looking fashionable while wearing a face mask.

Find a versatile colour

If you’re looking into owning just a piece or two of reusable cloth face masks, opt for a colour that will match most of your outfits. Colours such as peach, navy blue or army green are some colour options that will blend in well with almost any outfit choice.

Have a variety

If you love to dress according to the mood, you’ll probably prefer to own a variety of face masks to go with the occasion. From stripes, cameo to floral and sequined ones, adding a collection of face masks to accesorise with could make dressing up fun during this pandemic too!

One thing is for sure, we do not know how long will these face masks be required for but if selecting the right piece to complement your fashion choices helps to boost your confidence while protecting yourself and others, why not?