Toppen: An Open Space for the Community

Bridging community and sustainability

The 3rd and 4th of November 2022 saw 1Twenty80 being a part of Toppen Media Day that was held in Toppen Shopping Centre, Tebrau, Johor. Throughout the day, there were many interesting and interactive activities that were held to showcase the various facilities available throughout the mall.

Toppen is also celebrating its third anniversary this year through the ‘Ringgit Kasi Tariiik’ campaign and as part of their anniversary celebrations, Toppen will be hosting various activities and performances located at the Main Atrium and its open-air rooftop The Topp. Visitors will be entertained by free percussion shows, band performances, flash mobs and much more. Families can also enjoy free arts and crafts workshops for children. All these will be available to the public from the 11th to 13th of November 2022.

Toppen’s dedication to building a sustainable space for its tenants and the community particularly captured and impressed us. During the media tour of the shopping centre, we discovered that Toppen has a special location called the “Recycle Buy-Back Center” where members of the public can go to recycle the items they own. The “Recycle Buy-Back Center” also features a point accumulation system that encourages people to recycle and allows them to later redeem their points for Toppen benefits like parking vouchers.

Additionally, Toppen has solar panels installed in selected locations to help with overall energy consumption reduction and rain harvesting systems in place to collect rainwater to water the plants around the compound. Their efforts to promote sustainability don’t end there.

Ikano Centres’ Natasha Aziz, Head of Customer Experience & Digital, has revealed a few ongoing initiatives that are meant to benefit the general public. One of them is a collaboration with Women of Will in which hoarding boards will be gathered so they can be recycled.

“We take the material (hoarding boards) with the graphics printed on it, we collect them and we partner with Women of Will to help them sew the materials into reusable bags,”



As a result, women from disadvantaged backgrounds now have a chance to make a living. These hand-sewn bags reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills. Other initiatives include offering free weekly yoga and zumba classes as well as a rentable co-working space called Soulmates with complimentary workstations and Wi-Fi. With flexible and affordable rental options, Soulmates is a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to experience working in a shopping centre. It’s ideal for businesses that offer beauty, wellness, fitness, and skills-based services.

“We really take pride in the fact that our space is open for the community to use, entrepreneurs included,”


To stay updated on community-based activities carried out by Toppen, you can check out or follow them on social media at @toppenmy (Instagram) and @ToppenMY (Facebook).