THE Un-beet-able ROOT

Your heart will love this beet...

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This sweet root vegetable is a popular superfood that comes with a wide range of health benefits. When it comes to achieving good health, there are truly no shortcuts and one of the best ways to obtain good nutrition is through natural food sources.

With that being said, let’s explore some of the many health benefits of beetroot!

  • Beetroot is low in fat, contains powerful antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin B that could help reduce the risk of birth defects as well as Vitamin C.
  • Drinking beetroot juice can boost your energy level. According to a study done in 2012, consuming beetroot juice can increase plasma nitrate levels in your body and help promote better physical performance.
  • Beets are not only high in Vitamin C, but it’s also a great source of fibre and other essential minerals like manganese (good for pancreas, liver and bones), and potassium (improve nerve and muscle function).
  • Apart from that, this root contain nitrates, which may help to increase blood flow to the brain as well as improve cognitive function. 
  • The anti-inflammatory properties in beetroot is very effective in preventing oily and acne prone skin. 
  • This sweet and crunchy root is easy to include in your diet. Some interesting ways to add beetroot to your diet are –as a salad ingredient, dips, chips and fresh juice. 

Tip: Homemade fresh pasta is much more interesting, especially when it’s pink in colour. Simply substitute the liquid used in making pasta with beetroot juice. 

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