The ultimate BEACH HOLIDAY must-haves

What are your beach essentials?

What you bring on a beach getaway is a personal choice. Whether it’s an extra pair of shoes or clothing, we sometimes tend to pack a little too much, which can be difficult especially if you have to carry your luggage around.

If you’re one of those who are guilty of overpacking even to a beach holiday where clothes are thin and minimal, worry not because you can use this ultimate packing list to help you have everything you need for a relaxing beach getaway.

Here’s how to pack without overpacking.


Going to the beach without swimwear simply isn’t a beach getaway. Your swimwear is perhaps one of the most essential things you need to bring along. Along with your swimwear, never forget to pack an extra pair of undergarments. You’ll always need a new pair each time you decide to have a swim.

Tip: It is best for you to bring an extra swimsuit, one you can wear while the other is out drying.


When packing for the beach, let’s not forget to have a swim overall as it is the perfect piece of clothing for you to be wearing down to the beach.

Tip: A sarong for the ladies (you can reuse it when visiting any temples or monasteries during your trip) and shorts for the guys. Other options would be to have two sets of shorts and tank tops (for men and women) or two of your favourite dresses.


You wouldn’t want to be wearing your leather sandals or anything fancy to the beach. A comfortable water-proof flip flop should be sufficient. For your accessories, you should include a hat, sunglasses and lastly a book of your favourite to keep you accompanied after a long swim in the ocean.

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