The Fuzzy Fruit

How nutritious is the kiwi fruit?

Small in size but packed with nutrients, kiwi is best enjoyed on a sunny day. This tangy, sweet and juicy fruit has a soft texture that makes it perfect for babies as well as the older generation to enjoy. Plus, we reveal a couple of good reasons to include this fruit on your shopping list for the week!

#1 Kiwi is rich in soluble fibre and aids digestion.

#2 Every bite of kiwi is bursting with vitamin C as one fruit contains about 230 percent of the daily recommended vitamin C intake.

#3 The high dose of vitamin C in kiwis may help to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

#4 Besides vitamin C, kiwis are rich in vitamins K and E too, which contribute to building your immune system.

#5 Kiwis can also be enjoyed in a salad, smoothie and as the main ingredient in a homemade sorbet.

#6 Antioxidants found in kiwis help to protect your eyes.

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