The Art of Self-Forgiveness

Forgive, be free and happy

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Have you ever questioned yourself, “Why forgive myself when it wasn’t even my fault?” or “How does forgiving myself help me?” Little did you know that forgiving yourself makes a lot of changes emotionally and mentally. The key fact is that there is nothing personal nor is there anything wrong with you that requires you to forgive yourself. In fact, forgiving yourself is only to help you feel better.

Self-forgiveness can be beneficial not only to help you become a better person but also for you to garner healthier relationships by letting go of the mistakes others may have made.


Forgiveness is often described as a decision to let go of unhappy feelings such as dissatisfaction, hatred or anger that are either directed at yourself or others who may have wronged you under any circumstances.

Showing yourself a little compassion is a good value as it signifies that you’re able to free yourself from all the negative incidents that have kept you from feeling better about yourself.

Time and time again, you may be liberal in forgiving others but you might be much harder on yourself. It is common for everyone, even yourself to make mistakes, but learning from these errors allow you to let go and move on as it is important for your mental health and well-being.


Forgiveness allows you to have control of your inner emotions. It gives you the strength to progress from the past and bring you closer to the present. Nonetheless, the ability to forgive will eventually give you control of your own life which includes:

  • Releasing yourself from the past.
  • Finding peace in your relationship with others and yourself.
  • Enables you to heal emotionally and mentally.
  • Showing compassion that will grant you the satisfaction of self-growth, developments and the ability to mould yourself into the person you want to be.
  • Capable of achieving goals and creating a life that brings you nothing but joy and happiness.


If you’ve ever done something you’ve regretted, worry not because you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, you are in the company of probably everyone on this planet which includes both adults and children. As an example, from the many white lies you have said to make others happy or a  comment that may have caused someone you love to feel upset could be a primary factor that affects you on a more emotional level.

Be merciful to yourself when you’ve made a mess or failed to live up to your own ideals. By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to move forward despite all the negative factors you may have committed in your daily life.

Quote: Be merciful to yourself when you’ve made a mess or failed to live up to your own ideals.


Resentments directed unto yourself or others may lead to unresolved anger, stress, sleep issues and most of all it could affect your well-being.

Forgiveness is challenging as it could take months, years or even a lifetime to show compassion towards one’s wrong doing, but it is necessary to forgive others in order to move forward from the past. Apart from that, it also helps you to be a better version of yourself than you were before.

Self-forgiveness brings you inner peace as it allows you to be closer to yourself, gives you the satisfaction of self-acceptance, value yourself and most of all forgive yourself.

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