Sometimes, It Isn’t Worth It

Accepting a job purely based on how much it pays could lead to becoming bored and disenchanted really quickly. Worse still, it could lead to depression and other illnesses.

Here’re a few things to think about instead of your bank account.


Are you sure you can stay interested at this job? A better question would be, will your salary keep you interested in staying at this job?


Are you an introvert? So maybe that sales job which needs you to talk to strangers and doggedly follow up on their interest might not be for you. Yes, sure you can try but how much is your psychological health worth?

Before accepting any job just because of the attractive salary, do think about the long-term implications of this career on your future. Don’t let a short-term decision lead to long-term suffering that might not be worth your salary.


Yes, sure you aced the interview and got the job offer but do you actually have the abilities and skills in order to do this job successfully? Searching the internet for information can only get you so far and you possibly might not be able to hold onto the job for long.

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