Signs you’re unhappy at work

Life’s too short to keep going to a job that makes you unhappy but there’s no need to type up that resignation letter yet

Is it the usual Monday blues or are you becoming frustrated at work? There are perfectly good reasons why you’d be unhappy at work but there’s no need to be hasty and quit. Here are some signs of unhappiness at your job to take note of and ways around them.

#1: Staring at the clock

Think about it: if you’re busy, you won’t have the time to stare incessantly at the clock. With a healthy workload, you will be occupied enough that once you start working, it’ll suddenly be lunchtime and after the afternoon meetings, emails and presentations, it’s already time to go home! If you find that you’re counting down the minutes to go home, perhaps it’s time to speak to your manager or boss about taking on more responsibilities.

#2: Monday phobia

If Sundays are stressful because you dread going to work on Monday, something’s definitely wrong. Find the root of your anxiety at work. If it isn’t the workload, perhaps it’s someone at the office? In the event that someone is bullying or harassing you at work, march straight to HR and report their behaviour. Take action quickly to prevent your work being impacted by you dreading the office.

#3: Bringing your work home

We spoke about being busy enough so you won’t keep staring at the clock. However, if you find yourself bringing your work laptop home with you, there’s an increased risk of you stressing yourself out. If this is happening more often than not, speak to your manager and discuss adjusting your workload, deadlines and perhaps hiring another person to share responsibilities.

#4: Frustration

Take a quiet moment and ask why your job is frustrating you. Perhaps you don’t feel fulfilled or maybe you need a change in role? Don’t jump to resigning just yet. Talk to your employer and see if you both can figure out how to make your job more fulfilling or where you can apply your skills.

The common denominator in all of these solutions is to talk to your superior, boss or HR about what’s bothering you. Keep an open line of communication with them in order to make sure that your work isn’t affected by how you feel.