Reusable Bags: Are They Worth It?

Say goodbye to plastic ones

Are you trying to be less wasteful, but still want to keep your food free from bacteria? Do you want to freeze a big batch of halved bananas for smoothies in something other than a single-use plastic bag? Ensuring the temperature of your refrigerator is at the right degree celsius isn’t the only thing that keeps bacteria at bay, but if food are not stored properly, bacteria can grow and multiply.

We get it, plastic bags are convenient and readily available, but there’s no question that they pose a threat to your health as well as the environment. If you are storing food in your fridge or pantry in plastic bags and you’re on a hunt to make a healthier swap, but much to your dismay you have yet to get your hands on anything good.

Well, you’re in luck and have landed on the right page! Thankfully, much like grocery bags and straws, there are reusable alternatives on the market that aren’t only eco-friendly but will also keep you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Look no further because reusable silicone bags are what you need!


Reusable silicone bags are free of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), petroleum-based and latex. It is one of the most popular reusable bag options that is made of food-grade silicone which makes it perfect for storing food safely. On top of that, they do not degrade over time and for this reason it can be used countless times.

They’re no stranger to high or low temperatures. Hence, it can be used in sous vide, microwave, dishwasher or in the oven. In addition to this, reusable silicone bags are reusable and endlessly useful to store fruits, frozen ingredients such as meats, frozen fruits and even snacks.


This healthy alternative to plastic bags and containers are so versatile that there are countless ways you could use them. Besides those already listed above, here’s a few others:

  • Face mask holder.
  • Keep treats for your pets.
  • Use to freeze broth for soups.
  • Pack breakfast or lunch for work.
  • Used to store cables and wires.
  • A great way to store jewelry.
  • Great place to keep makeup items and brushes.
  • Keep medicine and prescriptions inside.
  • Mash soft foods such as boiled potatoes.
  • Can be used to make popcorn in the microwave.
  • Use it to make overnight oats instead of a glass jar

Apart from that, take your reusable silicone bags with you every time you go grocery shopping.

You can easily pack fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and even meat. This way, you won’t have single-use plastic bags in your fridge. You’ll feel good about how great your fresh produce is while also reducing your contribution to the thousands of tons of plastic waste generated each year.


A few things you need to take note of while using reusable silicone bags include:

  • Clean after use to avoid staining.
  • Avoid using sharp objects as it may puncture the bag.
  • When cooking, be sure to handle the bag with caution to avoid burns.
  • If you’re planning to pop them in the microwave, do not seal the bag. Just leave the seal of the bag partially open to allow steam to vent in.


Combined with its air-tight and pinch-lock closure, the versatility of this silicone bag makes them the perfect option for everyday use. Though they are on the pricier side, a single reusable  silicone bag can replace countless individual plastic bags and for that reason, reusable silicone bags are worth the investment. Opting for a reusable storage bag is also another way of saving our planet from plastics and other indisposable materials.

Let’s also not forget that they come in different sizes and colours. So, you could purchase smaller ones to store fruits like berries or snacks and the larger option for meats and vegetables.

Fruits packed in environmentally safe silicone ziplock bags. Reusable eco-friendly kitchen products. Zero waste sustainable plastic free lifestyle

If you’re planning to purchase a reusable silicone bag, be sure to make sure that they’re made of food grade silicone. It is a non-toxic type of silicone that is free of chemical fillers or byproducts, making it superbly safe to use with food.


Similar to reusable silicone bags, re-sealable plastic bags are commonly used in many households to store food and other items. However, what are the differences between these two products? Here’s something to help you have a better understanding:

Reusable silicone bag

  • Costs: Fairly reasonable/ high-priced
  • Made of: Premium platinum silicone
  • Quality: Reusable and recyclable
  • Safe for food storage: 100 percent safe
  • Environmental factors: Eco-friendly

Re-sealable plastic bags

  • Cost: Reasonable
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Quality: Plastic: not reusable
  • Safe for food storage: Not 100 percent safe. However, it depends on the type of material used.
  • Environmental factors: Not eco-friendly

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