Resilience In The Time Of Pandemic

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Director and Pharmacist from City Wellness Pharmacy, Gina Koay Wan Lee

How have pharmacists helped the community during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has been a source of unexpected stress and adversity for almost everyone.

In the fight against Covid-19, frontline health workers have been constantly trying to keep the pandemic at bay, but recognition of individual professions’ efforts have been inconsistent, including pharmacists.

We believe that being resilient can help us get through this hardship and that’s what community pharmacists are currently doing. Pharmacists are frontliners too as they continuously try to help the community as much as they can and will continue to do so. To add on, community pharmacists have played some serious roles and they’re probably the most accessible healthcare practitioners in the community.

However, their duties as a frontliner are often neglected and many still seem to be unaware of the duties of a pharmacist especially during the pandemic.

Well, it’s about to become clearer now as we approached Director and Pharmacist from City Wellness Pharmacy, Gina Koay Wan Lee to find out her point of view in regards to how pharmacists are helping the community in the midst of Covid-19. Here’s what she said:




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