Remote working

Is working from home all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out!

Many may believe that working from home sounds like a dream. What most people believe is that you’ll be able to do whatever you want and work at your own pace. To a certain extent, that may be true but working from home has its pitfalls.


It’s possible to be very productive provided that you avoid distraction. Yes, there might be less noise or distractions compared to working at the office but at home, other factors apply such as your pets or if you live with family members. There’s a certain level of discipline that’s required to be able to work remotely successfully.

Tip: Make a schedule of your work hours and during those hours, make it a point to avoid distractions. Speak to your family members or housemates and let them know that you are working during certain hours and would prefer to not be disturbed.


For some, the solitude may help with productivity. However, humans are social creatures and after an extended period of solitude, it may impact our social life. Make it a point to connect with your colleagues and superiors to maintain your relationship with them which can also expand your network.

Tip: Next time there’s a gathering at the office, go for it and connect with your colleagues! Change up your workspace by going to a quiet café or a co-working space in order to connect with other people too.

Work-life balance 

It might be even more difficult to balance work and life now that you work from home. The place where you rest is also the same place where you work. It’s very possible for lines to be blurred, especially if you’re the type who rolls out of bed and works in your pyjamas for hours on end without making time for breaks and such.

Tip: Designate an area of the house as your office. This can be turning a spare room into an office or doing your work somewhere peaceful such as your living room. It’s best not to work from the bedroom due to it being a room where you rest and unwind.