Redecorate your home this MCO

Show your home some love during this quarantine period

With the ongoing worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, many if not all of us are required to stay indoors until the government sees it fit to allow people to move about.

Though, despite continuous online meetings and deadlines, you still feel completely bored as you aren’t able to move around much.

Well, here’s a plan for you! While you’re at home, why not redecorate your home with the things you already have? Now is the perfect time especially when you’re completely out of ideas on how to keep yourself entertained.

Here’s a dose of fresh ideas to get you started!

Declutter your home


The idea of living a minimalist life sounds attractive, but are you still finding the right time to live the life of a minimalist? Well, with the extended quarantine period, this is the perfect time to get started.

If you’re struggling and need some guidance on how to declutter, here are a few creative tips:

#1 First, create a declutter checklist – It’s a lot easier to declutter with a visual representation of where you need to get started with.

#2 Declutter your home, room-by-room – This way your entire house would not be in a mess. Have separate trash bags or containers for each item such as clothing, toys, shoes and more.

#3 Donate clothes rarely worn – To identify them, simply go through your cupboard and find the clothes that are at the end or bottom of the cupboard.

#4 The Four-Box Method – Get four boxes and label them as:

  1. Trash
  2. Give away
  3. Keep
  4. Relocate

This way you’re saving time and energy from having to segregate the items all over again.

Fill your wall with memories


Do not be afraid to use this Movement Control Order (MCO) period to expose your talent in decorating. Personal touches will put any house into a home and nothing does it better than having your family photos and artwork looking snazzy on your walls.

So, take this time to rummage through your storage room for precious pictures of your loved ones along with other forms of art that you have at home. Be sure to wipe the frames well with a soft cloth before putting it up in your living room or wherever you see fit.

Paint the house with leftover paint


Painting is often a task that many homeowners dread. However, it is one of the easiest ways to give your home a brand new look. So, if you’re in the mood to repaint the walls of your home, then there is no better time than now.

During this period, choose a weekend or if your timing is more flexible now, any preferred day, to repaint your house with the leftover paint cans you have in your storage room. Discuss with your family on which part of the house you would like to paint. Once decided, work closely with your family members to clear up the room before getting started on painting.

Editor’s Note: Some hardware shops are now allowed to operate during the MCO if you require extra paint and tools but we encourage you to put your creativity to the test and utilise existing materials to brighten your home!

Restyle your bookshelves


If you’re running out of options to keep you entertained during the pandemic, know that there’s no shortage of what you could do at home.

Well, here’s a thought. The MCO seems like a great time to organise your bookshelves, especially when you have a good number of books.

As someone who loves to read, you know for sure that there’s no such thing as “too many books” even when you do not have enough space to keep them.

Take this time to organise and arrange your books on your bookshelves. To make your life easier, arrange your books by alphabetical order or by theme. This way it’ll be easy for you to search the book you’re looking for.

Stay organise while you’re safe at home


It’s easy to feel claustrophobic during this period. So, to help yourself feel better, renew the energy of your home by using these simple organisation tips.

Blast some of your favourite music, to keep yourself entertained throughout your redecorating process. Though, take it easy. Do take breaks in between and our suggestion is to stop when the daylight starts to fade.

Additional tips: What to do with items you don’t need?  

  1. Donate unused or outdated reference books and story books to charity or friends whom might appreciate them.
  2. Get rid of items that aren’t beneficial to you such as mismatched food containers, power cords that aren’t in use, old cell phones, calendars and expired coupons.

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