Are you being taken advantage of?

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There’s a difference between working extra hard to obtain success and being your boss’ or co-workers’ doormat. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re being taken advantage of, here’re a few warning signs.

#1: Doing things outside your job scope

Sometimes, your boss may hand you projects or tasks but it is not normal if he or she constantly does this and the work isn’t in line with your job description. Most importantly, people have stopped asking whether it’s alright to add to your workload. Learn to say ‘no’ especially if it’s tasks your co-workers just don’t want to do.

#2: Ungrateful

Sure, there’s no need to expect a ‘thank you’ from your boss or co-workers every time you help them out but if you don’t get any recognition for the work you do, that’s you being taken advantage of. To pull yourself out of this hole, schedule a ‘weekly updates’ appointment with your manager and go over all the tasks you’ve completed to make it impossible for your boss to not notice your hard work.

#3: Too much time

Are you spending more time doing jobs that aren’t your responsibility to the point where you don’t have time to complete your own projects or assignments? This is going to hurt your reputation with your boss and also cause you to work overtime. There’s no harm in lending a hand to your co-workers but when it chips into your own time, it’s time to cut down.

#4: No time off allowed

You’re working extra hard so of course you should take breaks here and there to recuperate and take a breather. If your manager gets huffy because you’re taking a lunch break or doesn’t like it when you go on vacation, it’s time to think about your next move. This doesn’t mean leaving your job but perhaps sitting down with your boss to set clear boundaries and saying ‘no’ more often.

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