Pocket-friendly Christmas Snacks

End 2019 on a sweet note with these healthy holiday-themed family snacks!

Make the last month of the year extra fun and exciting with a fun family activity in the kitchen. These holiday themed snacks can be prepared together as a family and they’re perfect to be presented during a family meal or brought to a party! Plus, we’ve also helped you divide the roles to give you a good headstart in preparation planning.

Holiday Breakfast


  • 1 Cavendish banana 
  • 4 Strawberries



  1. Carefully slice banana and strawberries. 
  2. Then, place the sliced fruits into separate bowls.


  1. Prepare plate(s) to decorate. 
  2. Once fruits are sliced, arrange fruits alternatively and shape into a candy cane.

NOTE: Squeeze some lemon juice onto the bananas to prevent it from oxidising and changing to a brownish shade.

Fresh cucumber trees


  • Cucumbers 
  • 50 g Redcurrants A handful of toothpicks



  • Prepare both cucumbers by slicing the tip of the cucumbers and rub the tips against the cucumber. 
  • With a fruit peeler, slice one cucumber vertically.
  • Then, with the other cucumber, slice it horizontally about half an inch thick.

Children & Adults

  • With a toothpick, carefully fold the cucumber strip and skewer it. Repeat this step if the toothpick is longer. 
  • Then, skewer a sliced cucumber and place it standing up. 
  • Repeat steps two and three until all ingredients are used. 
  • Then, carefully decorate the cucumbers with some redcurrants.