Music for the Soul

Music gives you the wings to free your mind and soul

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Whether it’s playing a musical instrument or listening to music, music has always had a special effect on us emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes even a certain melody can have incredible effects on your mood.

Let’s find out more on why music is good for your soul as it helps you to remain calm and allow your brain to be more productive.

The earworm

It’s definite that many of us, if not all, have experienced Involuntary Musical Imagery (IMI), stuck song syndrome or sometimes known as ‘earworm’. This is when a song gets stuck in your head. Earworms are interesting as it causes you to replay a particular song in your head.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working out, doing the laundry or taking a shower, the lyrics of the song keeps replaying in your head and sometimes you’ll end up singing it out loud.

With music having a deep connection to your limbic system, more often than not, you may find the flashbacks of your memories through music. There are certain songs that take you to a specific time or place of the past. Due to this, you may reminisce about a certain memory which can make you feel bitter or sweet.

Boost your mood through music

It turns out that music does not only boost your mood, but it also helps you to relax, reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve sleep quality and balance your emotions.

Music has always had a connection to a part of the brain that is responsible for the sensation ‘chills down the spine’. This unique feeling gives you a feeling that brings you to like a song and play it on replay mode. Which is why, the tension and stress you have been feeling, gets washed away every time you listen to a song that you can relate to. Music acts as a form of therapy for your soul or even as a distraction from your hectic lifestyle.

There is no doubt that music stimulates an emotional response too. According to a study, music or calming melodies has scientifically proven to be effective in stimulating positive emotional engagement such as happiness, interest, joy, gratitude, inspiration and love.

After long working hours or as a busy housewife, listening to music can be soothing and therapeutic as it allows your mind to rest and your muscles to relax. By doing so, your mood will be enlightened spontaneously.

The joy of music

If you’re someone who plays musical instruments, do continue doing so as it has a long list of benefits!

According to a study that was published by the American Psychological Association, playing a musical instrument is a great approach to keep your mind attentive and sharp. The ability to play musical instruments can increase your comprehension level, improve coordination and a greater capacity for memory.

Apart from that, listening to music or the ability to play an instrument is proven to help you in social situations that include work environments, friendships and relationships.

De-stress through music apps

Music has a profound effect on both the body and emotions. Upbeat songs may instantly lift up your mood and make you feel more alert, while a slower tempo brings you to a tranquil mood as it relaxes your mind and allows you to calmly release the stress for the day.

Relaxing yourself through the power of music is an amazing way that instantly makes yourself feel better. One effective method is to download music applications (apps). Having music apps such as Spotify, Calm, Google Play Music, YouTube Music or other music apps that are of your interest is a great way to destress yourself anywhere and anytime.

History of Music Therapy

  • The earliest reference of music therapy appeared during the 80’s in an unsigned article “Music Physically Considered” in Columbian Magazine.

Dr. Benjamin Rush, a psychiatrist and physician was a strong proponent of using music to treat medical diseases.

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