Mother nature restored: Brought to you by Covid-19

Chirping birds and bluish skies and animals are reclaiming the land that humans have selfishly inhibited

As many of us are aware of, (Covid-19) has taken the lives of many individuals across the globe. As soon as we scroll through social media or switch on the television, we’re consumed with news of the current situation around the world. To halt the spread of Covid-19, governments and frontline workers of all nations are continuously around the clock trying to figure out ways to put an end to this life-threatening pandemic.

Here in Malaysia, while everyone adjusts to a new way of life due to this global pandemic, unknowingly, we’re also giving Mother Nature a new dawn to restore the natural order of itself. As far as we’re concerned, flora and fauna around the world are currently enjoying the positive outcome of everyone staying safe at home.

Some of the visible changes you might have noticed within your area of living are:

A breath of fresh air

As the pandemic continues to put a still to many countries around the world, unintended climate changes are noticed by almost everyone worldwide, with one of them being less polluted air. In the midst of this widespread pandemic, there has been a significant decline in air pollution in almost every country across the globe.

According to the Department of Environment (DOE) of Malaysia, the Air Pollutant Index shows an increase of about 14 percent in the number of days we’re currently living with good air quality. This may be a result of fewer vehicles on the road, as the government has restricted people from travelling unless necessary. Once again, we’re able to enjoy fresh air!

Birdsong increased during MCO

Another benefit of social distancing is the newfound quietness in cities. For over two months now, it is safe to say that there have been no sound of clanking of machinery from industrial factories, honking, or whirring of engines. It may sound surprising, but it is for sure that you’ve been hearing more birds chirping just outside your home instead of industrial noises from developing sites.

MCO sparks cleaner water

According to the Environment and Water Ministry of Malaysia, in connection with water quality, about eight (28 percent) of 29 water monitoring stations have stated an improvement in its Water Quality Index (WQI). While in other parts of the world, the water quality has also shown a great improvement ever since the MCO has been applied. For example, with the absence of tourists in Venice, the water canals have become so clear, hence revealing beautiful marine life from within the water.

Apart from that, rivers and seas are not only clean but are also free from industrial pollutants as well as garbage. 

After the pandemic- What’s next?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to halt most activities by mankind and restore nature, many still question if this is a temporary mirage?

Well, you don’t need a pandemic to restore Mother Nature! There are many things you can continuously do to make the environment a better place than it was yesterday such as: 

  • Refuse single-use items, especially plastic. 
  • Reduce your usage of chemicals and pesticides.
  • Practice the 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Try to minimise your energy consumption. 
  • Avoid littering in public.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, we’re forced to adapt to a new way of life that many of us would not have imagined ourselves in. On a positive note, unconsciously, you’re helping Mother Nature to recover from the countless damages mankind are guilty of.

While the situation is proving to be good for the environment, we definitely do not need to depend on a pandemic to help make Mother Nature a better place. Let’s work together in saving Mother Nature because we want to, not because we need to!

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