Life essentials to be cleaned daily

Three things to be cleaned daily

How often do you clean items that are used daily? Cleaning only during days when you’re doing your chores can be time consuming as you’re overloaded with items and surfaces to clean. On top of that, why allow germs and bacteria to be present on surfaces you commonly touch?

We’ve a suggestion for you! Instead of waiting to clean everything at a go, take just a couple of minutes to clean items that require your attention daily. This helps to keep your house spick and span while elimanting germs.

Cell phones

If you think about how often you touch your phone, it should come as no surprise to you that it may contain more bacteria than a public restroom! According to Business Insider, on average, a person touches his or her smartphone about 2,617 times each day.

To clean it, remove your phone case and lightly spray rubbing alcohol onto a microfiber cloth and wipe your phone. Continue to do so with your phone case too.

Kitchen countertops

Think about the items you put on your kitchen countertops – car keys, purse, mail, bags and don’t get us started about leaving crumbs on it too. It is impossible to ignore the amount of germs and bacteria that may be sitting on your countertop for quite some time now.

So, disinfect your kitchen top everyday with a dedicated cloth. It’s not a good practice to use one cloth to wipe multiple surfaces as it would most likely cause cross-contamination.

fKeyboard and computer mouse

If you use your computer on a daily basis, that’s how often you should be disinfecting your keyboard and computer mouse. A research done by University of Arizona found that there’s about 400 times more bacteria on the desktop than an average toilet seat. Just like your phone, you can clean your laptop using a microfiber cloth with some rubbing alcohol.

Sources: Apartment Therapy, Business Insider, National Center For Health Research