Know the Differences Between an Independent Pharmacy and Chain Pharmacy

By White Coat 360

As a part of a healthier community, it’s important to know the many types of pharmacies that exist in our country. Many of us probably think all pharmacies are identical and ultimately, it’s a place to visit once in a while to buy supplements or medications.

Well, did you know that there are a few types of pharmacies out there that can be differentiated easily? 

You may probably be familiar with the pharmacy at the hospital, local shopping mall, grocery store, or drugstore. However, you may not know the core dissimilarity between them which gives various prospects. While many of the responsibilities of a pharmacy remain the same in different settings, there are still some important differences to be aware of.

A few decades ago, a transformation in the pharmacy industry began. This transformation has been from dispensing products/supplements to holding a broader responsibility for

patients’ preventive health care. Today, pharmaceutical care is at its peak due to the increased demand for healthcare.

There are two types of pharmacies that you probably are familiar with, which are independent pharmacies and chain pharmacies. So, what makes them different from one another?

Independent VS Chain

Malaysia has a total of 4000 pharmacies with more than 2,000 of them being independent pharmacies. Independent pharmacies are owned and operated mostly by small business owners who are local to their neighbourhood. Independent pharmacies ensure that people who visit them get high-quality medication for optimal health at an affordable price. It simply means that they develop good relationships with the community and focus on continually improving the health and wellness of each customer.