It’s Time to Clean Your Desk!

How do you organise your workspace?

Covid-19 has been the topic of the hour, but some other concerns that come along with it include working from home. Are you one of the many individuals who’re working from home at the moment? If yes, how has that been going for you?

It is true when they say that our environment has a major impact on our well-being and productivity levels. Here’s a simple example:

 Will you have a good night’s sleep if you fall asleep with the lights on and the TV blasting? Well, probably not! The same can be said about your workspace. If your workspace is cluttered, the likelihood of having a productive day would be lower.

 Having said that, we thought it would be a great help to you if we share some of our tips and tricks on how you can organise your desk for

maximum efficiency.

Organisation Should Be Your Priority

Whether you’re working from home currently or required to go back to the office every now and then, it is crucial to have your work desk give off some of the qualities below:

Happy Inspiration / Creativity Productive vibes.

Simply put, your work desk needs to be enhanced in a way that will allow you to be more efficient and productive in all the tasks you do.

A Cluttered Space Is A Cluttered Mind

Your workspace often reflects your personality and habits. For most people, having a cluttered workspace is just out of question as it affects the way you think. Hence, affecting your working skills.

 Take a look at your desk now, how does it make you feel? Do you feel

stress whenever you look at your desk? Well, if that’s the case, then it’s probably best for you to do something about it.

Having an organised desk looks more inviting and will also subconsciously motivate you to work, especially since you don’t have to clear piles of paper

or junks out of your way while working.

Take Action Now!

If you’re frequently overwhelmed and disturbed by the amount of disorderly files and papers stacked on your desk, what better time to do something about it than now? After all, you spend more time at your desk then you do in your own personal space such as the bedroom. Here are some simple ways that can help keep your desk organised at all times:

#1 Prioritise your stuff

Your desk is the primary thing that you use to get all your tasks done. So, you probably don’t need half the stuff that’s taking up all the space on your desk. Here’s a few ways on how you can reduce some of the items on the table:

  • As you start your work on Monday, remove all the non-essential items from your desk and put them on the floor.
  • As you continue your work, put back the items that you need for completing each task.
  • At the end of the week, whichever item that is still on the floor, place it safely in a cabinet, drawer or even the recycling bin if needed.

By doing this, you’re eliminating all the unnecessary items and only focusing on the things you need to use at the moment.

#2 Go With Your Workflow

People have a left-to-right tendency. This simply means, they place the most important items such as telephone, notepads, and computer on their left whereas, other items like stationeries and paperwork on their right.

#3 Add A Personal Touch

Put a few meaningful objects

on your desk such as:

  • Family photos
  • Framed quotes
  • Figurines
  • A pot of flower
  • A bulletin board

Having such things on your desk can keep your mind at peace whenever the workload has doubled. Plus, having a bulletin board will assist you on figuring out your next task for the day.

#4 Simplicity At Its Best

One of the best ways to keep things simple and tidy is by going digital. If you haven’t done so already, migrate your calendar and to-do list to your computer. Plus, you can sync the information to your smartphone for greater accessibility, especially at times when you don’t have your computer with you. Let’s not forget that you can also create and schedule the notification options to give you an alert for meetings, appointments, and upcoming tasks.

A Magical Time Saver

An organized space acts acts as a magical time saver. This is because, you know where everything is or goes and aren’t distracting by the many items laying in front of you. Furthermore, it helps create a positive energy as you work on you daily duties

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