Nourishing and delectable

In Asia, nutritious food is one of the most essential focuses when it comes to post-natal care


Nourishing and delectable

In Asia, nutritious food is one of the most essential focuses when it comes to post-natal care

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The confinement period or post-natal period is a crucial time for new mothers to recover and rest. A common Asian practice is that mothers would rest for at least a month to allow the body to recover after giving birth.

One important area during confinement is food. Many invest in ensuring that quality ingredients are used during this period to help with the body’s recovery as well as to improve breast milk quality, which helps to provide the right nourishment for the baby.

We speak to Mei Chua, Founder of PopoMama, a confinement food service, focusing on nutritious food that can be delivered to your doorstep.

Quote: After giving birth, mothers deserve proper recovery and rejuvenation to restore their health and body while taking care of their baby. 


If you’re considering this next step in your journey to parenthood, here’s what you should know!

This article only takes 5 minutes of your time

Dr Adilah

Finding a life partner is already hard but for some couples, parenthood may not come as naturally as they thought. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help to start a little family of your own! However, some couples may be in more need of help than others.

For couples trying to start a family, stress is a factor that plays quite a large role. According to WebMD, a few studies found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, a stress marker enzyme, took 29 percent longer to conceive compared to women with less of this enzyme. Of course, women who were stressed could be having less sex, more likely to smoke or drink alcohol and caffeine, which are also causes for lower chances of getting pregnant.

Don’t despair especially for those who get stressed once in a while. Nevertheless, if the stress is ongoing, such as in situations of unemployment or perhaps a death in the family, ovulation may become irregular. Additionally, some women could possibly have a physical problem that they don’t know of such as blocked fallopian tubes. The stress of not being able to conceive could then interfere with the process.

Making changes to your current lifestyle such as moderate physical activity (like walking once to five times a week), watching your weight, and eating a healthy Mediterranean-style diet full of whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, fish and soy, could boost your chances.

We’d like to reiterate that there is no shame in seeking help with you and your partner’s fertility, thus, if you’re feeling a little helpless, perhaps IVF is the answer. In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a process where an ovum (egg) is removed from the ovaries and combined with sperm in a liquid in a laboratory.

To shine a light on IVF and perhaps answer some of the questions lingering in your mind, we spoke to Dr. Adilah Ahmat, Clinical Director of NewLife Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL).

Drug labels and warnings are developed to point out critical warnings and information concerning a medication. Drug labels and warnings help the public understand the uses of a drug, when to report adverse drug reactions and what are the common side effects they should be expecting when consuming a type of drug.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug labeling, is a prescription drug product label, also known as a professional label, package insert, direction circular, and package circular. It is a compilation of information about a product written by the manufacturer and approved by the FDA.

The best kind of love is always from your parents. Confinement is a very important experience for a woman and we believe that our popo (grandmother) & mama (mother) will always strive to give their children and grandchildren a better choice in every situation. 

We believe that mothers are really noble because they have to go through the nine months of pregnancy to give birth to their cute little baby. Imagine the amount of sacrifices – diet changes, body shape changes, face complexion changes and so on.

After giving birth, mothers deserve proper recovery and rejuvenation to restore their health and body while taking care of their baby.

We have always wanted to do a business that can provide real value to the society. When I visited a good friend in a confinement center, we saw the opportunity and we asked ourselves, is there a better option than this?

Through the evolution of time, young parents are finding it more and more difficult to find quality help during confinement care. There are also space constraints at home especially for those living with parents or staying in condominiums. With the evolution of time and changing trends, the concept of a confinement center makes a good option for young parents.

Our initial idea was also to venture into a confinement center business. As you know, confinement centers in Taiwan is a fully regulated trade by the country’s Ministry of Health, with very strict regulations. As such, Taiwan is seen as the ‘Gold Benchmark’ for confinement center operations. Running a confinement center means we are dealing with life – mothers and babies. We reckon if we are to do it, we need to do it with a ‘duty of care’ – with the best standards to safeguard the health and safety of both mothers and babies.

It’s during this in-depth study that we realised that in order to provide such quality care to Malaysian parents, with the basic ‘duty of care’ to protect the safety and good health of the mothers and babies but the running cost can be exorbitant. We did not want to lower the service standards by compromising on the safety of mothers and babies. That’s when we started thinking about how else we can provide a better choice to a larger community. 

I am a trained Chartered Accountant by profession. I am very grateful to have started my career with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms – KPMG. During my years with KPMG, I had the opportunity to see and learn many different kinds of businesses – banking, pharmaceutical, education, IT and so on. I also had the opportunity to be involved in many corporate exercises like IPO, profit forecast and due diligence as well. These experiences have allowed me to understand better about the success factors of businesses. 

Then, I moved on to the FMCG industry, dealing with skin care for women. Later on I was involved in health care specialising in nutrition for weight management. It is from these industries that I learned about consumer behaviors, especially among women. I have also developed a deep passion in nutrition and healthy eating and living, and the desire wanting to help people to live and eat healthier. It’s always on our mind thinking of better ways, which we can provide better value for money and most importantly, a better choice for people.

Quote: With the evolution of time and changing trends, the concept of a confinement center makes a good option for young parents. 

We have three nutritionists and a dietitian who has worked on the menu ensuring good nutrition for mothers.

We appreciate the passed down confinement wisdom from generation to generation. Plus, with the advancement of science and technology, we are also blessed with better understanding of nutrition for confinement. We want to deliver a better choice to mothers during this most important recuperation period. Thus, we do that by combining:

  1. Traditional Confinement Science 
  2. Nutrition Science 
  3. Aged-old Double Boiled Wisdom

This is where nutrition comes in to help balance up the yin and yang of confinement diet with proven scientific nutrition. In other words, we incorporate the best practice from the East and West in your diet.

This is our specialty, which we believe is unique as we combine nutrition steeped in tradition to provide a nourishing diet for new mothers.

We have studied more than 10 confinement centers in Taiwan and interviewed their founders. Amongst them are some of the pioneer confinement operators in Taiwan. We are quite fortunate to have gained many great knowledge about the confinement business as a whole.

Of all whom we have spoken to, we particularly find a good match with one of the confinement centers which share similar values like us. Most important of all, she too values the importance of confinement food being the key of good confinement recuperation, and merging the wisdom of traditional confinement wisdom with modern nutrition science.

We can’t disclose the name at this moment as we are in the final stage of finalising our terms of partnership.

The owner started one of the first few confinement centers in Taipei, and has been operating it for over 20 years now. She also has confinement center franchises in China too. Her confinement center was selected by the Taiwan Ministry of Health as the role model for Taiwanese confinement centres.

We believe we will find great synergy working together. Together we are looking forward to bringing the standard of confinement food service to a whole new level!

Quote: This is where nutrition comes in to help balance up the yin and yang of confinement diet with proven scientific nutrition.

There’s a Chinese saying that literally means, “Sit the month well and you will be blessed for life”. That shows that the confinement month is a GOLDEN opportunity to have a good healthy body. As we already know, food or nutrition is the key factor to having a good confinement.

As most mothers will be breastfeeding, having the right nutrition for mothers will also directly determine the quality of breast milk.

We wish to highlight that there’s a huge difference between eating well with the right nourishment versus just eating for the sake of eating. Conventionally, confinement month means having the license to eat with the belief that mothers need lots of nourishment. This has caused so many mothers to put on so much weight and they continue to find it difficult to lose it even years after.

On the other extreme, there are also mothers who eat like just any other day. The nutrition requirements for a mother after delivery are very different from an ordinary person.

So the questions mother should ask themselves include – “Am I eating healthy food that is tailor-made specifically for body recovery during confinement?”, “Am I just eating healthy food?” or “Am I eating confinement food?”

Sounds similar but they are fundamentally very different.

Quote: That shows that the confinement month is a golden opportunity to have a good healthy body.

Breast milk is nutritious and provides the baby everything he needs for the first few months of life. It is without a doubt that breastfeeding has lots of benefits for both mom and baby. Hence, it is not surprising that a huge emphasis is placed on enjoying a nutritious diet. Here’s a guide:

  • Fish and seafood 
  • Meat 
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Healthy grains



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