How to Upgrade Yourself for Free

Level up with these amazing resources that don’t cost a thing!

If you have the free time, why not use it to upgrade your skills instead of vegging out in front of the television? Trade an hour of TV time with some online courses that would give you that boost in your CV or perhaps flesh out a hobby you already love.

In addition to making good use of your time, the skills you pick up could become a stream of income, whether it’s making something and selling it or even selling your skills in the future!

Here are some resources that could help you on your lifelong learning journey.


Other than cat videos, there are so many other educational videos on Youtube!

Personally, we love looking for recipes on this platform but there are also other videos that teach interesting things such as calligraphy, photography and more. There are also amazing DIY and home improvement videos that could up your decorating game.


This platform is a little trickier. You can get your first two months for free but afterward, there are certain charges which can be found on their website ( Browse their free classes which cover a range of topics such as digital marketing, calligraphy, drawing, digital illustration and more! If you like the classes and learning on the go with their app, consider paying the monthly fee and learn something new every day!