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Activating your happy hormones will give you happiness like no other!

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The world tells us about the many ways on how we can find happiness but did you know that natural happiness actually lies within you?

Your body has the ability to feel happy naturally and it does not require expensive accessories and a luxurious lifestyle to activate the feeling of happiness within you. That’s because happiness actually lies within your hormones.

The roles of hormones are usually painted negatively. They are often blamed for bad temperaments,

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), unwanted symptoms like weight gain and health conditions such as diabetes.

Though, there’s actually a brighter side to it whereby hormones can actually make you feel on top of this world. Even though you may feel down from time to time and it may even be your natural tendency to feel more down than up, there are life choices you can make that will boost your happy hormones. This will also give you a happier and healthier life. Read on to understand how you can take charge of your body and feel the joy.

Which hormones could boost your happiness?


Dopamine influences your brain’s reward system and makes you feel good about your wellbeing.

Hormone boost: Praises and compliments will release dopamine, which also drives you to create a more positive impact in life.


Serotonin are your body’s natural anti-depressants as it boosts your mood and self-confidence.

Hormone boost: The best way to release these hormones is through exercise.


The love hormone or also known as oxytocin plays an important role in your satisfaction levels.

Hormone boost: Oxytocin is released when you spend time with family members and your spouse. Stress negatively affects the release of oxytocin. Hence, it’s important to manage your stress too.


Endorphine is one of the most talked about ‘happy hormone’. It is also known as your body’s natural morphine as it has the ability to relieve pain.

Hormone boost: Activities such as exercising and sex stimulates your body to release endorphins.


Progesterone gives you a good night’s sleep and it also helps to prevent anxiety.

Hormone boost: Good nutrition and taking good care of your body will help to maintain a healthy balance of progesterone in your body.

Sidebox: Natural and economical ways to boost your happy hormones

  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Cuddle your children
  • Give your pets some love
  • Eat well
  • Take a hot bath
  • Manage stress well

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