Hello Sanity!

Hello Sanity!

In life, mental and emotional health are an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Being able to control and manage your emotions are an important life skill. The lack of this skill could lead to the development of mental health issues. 

The idea of taking care of your mental well-being is complicated and challenging especially when your workplace stress and personal issues often appear at a go. Hence, making you feel unsteady and overwhelmed. 

Staying mentally and emotionally healthy helps you to face setbacks positively and overcome your negative instincts. If you realise that your life is starting to spiral out of control, follow these 

steps as it can help you make some changes to your lifestyle that will set you back on track.

Your physical health is your wealth 

Physical health plays an important role in improving your quality of life and that’s not all! Staying healthy also helps to keep your mind healthy. Maintain a balanced diet, be involved in any form of physical activities like cycling, walking, swimming or weight lifting and get adequate sleep! The lack of sleep also makes your body feel tired and you’ll end up stressed and cranky.

With exercise you’re definitely on the road to immediate and long-term health benefits.


Spend time with people you love! 

Have you ever felt sorry for missing a few holiday parties and family gatherings? Not only does the guilt build but not being able to visit your friends and family can make your life gloomier. This could affect your mind and your daily tasks.

Having a healthy relationship with those you love gives you a sense of being loved and cherished. It makes you feel happy, safe and increases your sense of emotional well-being. Take time off your work schedule and make plans to meet a friend or family member that you haven’t spent time with in a while.


Go outside! 

Staying indoors for too long and staring at your laptop, television or phone screen will only bring more harm than good to your health.

Instead, learn to enjoy every minute of your life by enjoying the great outdoors. During the weekend, head outside and get some fresh air. Take your dog for a walk or go for a jog as it will help to clear your mind and help you reset your body as you gather your thoughts and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Celebrate your wins, even the small ones

When it comes to celebration, the world tends to focus on celebrating the bigger milestones while forgetting the small victories along the way. These little wins keep you motivated and can help you to achieve your bigger victories. Instead of ignoring it or thinking that “it’s not enough,” celebrate even the smallest achievements and don’t be afraid to be happy for yourself.

This helps to boost your confidence and fill you with a sense of accomplishment and positivity.


Pause for some self-care

Taking good care of yourself is paramount to achieving good emotional and mental wellbeing. Tackling your emotions through self-care can make it easier to cope with stress and conflicts. What does this mean?

Set time aside for yourself and try doing things that you would enjoy. It could be something relaxing such as yoga, meditation, getting a massage, reading and gardening or you may even consider signing up for a support group to meet new friends.

Put away your gadgets and allow yourself to attend to your emotional needs without worrying about your daily tasks. Allocating just a portion of your day will help you to feel more relaxed. 


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