Gym ‘OOPS’

We’ve all had some mishaps at the gym but some can be more embarrassing than others.

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Exercising should be mostly uneventful but sometimes, the unexpected can happen.

Exercising should be mostly uneventful but sometimes, the unexpected can happen. No matter how embarrassing, the most important thing to remember is why you’re exercising and also reaching your fitness goals! It is also perfectly alright to laugh at yourself and keep a positive attitude when you do something embarrassing.


Falling on the treadmill

You’re training for your first 5k and want to push yourself but your feet feel like lead. Lo and behold, you fall with a pretty huge crash. Sure, it might sound worse than it really was but this could have worse consequences. If you feel tired and getting that jelly feeling in your legs, take a break, drink some water and cool down with stretching exercises.


Wardrobe malfunctions

Have you ever bought super cute workout clothes then realise halfway through yoga that your leggings are almost see through? Or perhaps at kickboxing class, your joggers rip while you’re kicking the bag?

This can be avoided by really thinking about the exercise you’re doing and buying the right clothes. If you’re doing a twisty, bendy exercise like yoga, buy stretchable clothes that stay opaque in different poses. Go to the changing room and stretch out to see how the clothes will look like during your workout.



Sweat patches

Sure, we all go to the gym to sweat and work on our fitness goals but for some of us, the sweat patches’ placement can get quite embarrassing. Next time you hit the gym, if you’re working out wearing a cotton t-shirt, avoid grey coloured t-shirts because these show where you’ve sweated very easily.

Opt for dry-fit clothes in safe colours like black and white to minimise any chances of sweat patches and also to keep you comfortable and moisture free while you work out.


Jiggling jubblies

We’re talking about breasts here, girls. For the more well-endowed, finding the right sports bra can prove to be a little difficult but where there’s a will there’s a way. In addition to being quite embarrassing to have your breasts bouncing while you’re working out, their movements could cause the ligaments in your breasts to loosen and cause sagging. If you are doing high impact workouts or are an avid runner, look for encapsulated sports bras to really keep the girls strapped in during exercise.


Toot toot

You’re bench pressing a heavier set of weights this time and you strain then… toot! Passing gas while working out is quite normal but it can get super embarrassing if everyone in the gym can hear it. Or worse, you do it in your personal trainer’s face! To avoid this embarrassing scenario, before working out, avoid foods that could cause flatulence and bloating. These foods include dairy products, dried fruit, fruit, insoluble fibre such as seeds and husks, beans, chickpeas and nuts.

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