Co-working spaces have popped up all over the Klang Valley and there’s an interesting player in town called GRID

The SS15 area of Subang in the Klang Valley is well-known as the haunt of students from the nearby educational hubs, office workers, locals and foodies alike for the affordable and varied food options. Additionally, there are plenty of places that offer services that are perfect for those who are living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Having a space to get your work done without being disturbed or chased away because all you bought is one cup of coffee sounds just perfect. GRID at SS15 is just the place to be if you need somewhere to collect your thoughts or perhaps get one step closer to your entrepreneurial dreams. It’s also a great place to go to if you need to focus 100 percent on your studies. In addition to being a co-working space, it is also a creative hub and event space. 1Twenty80 speaks to the founders of GRID to find out what inspired them to create a haven for digital nomads and how they keep themselves healthy while leading such busy lives.

1Twenty80: Could you tell us briefly about GRID and what you aim to present to your visitors?

GRID is a creative hub, co-working and event space. With a zen Japanese concept, we aim to give a practical, comfortable yet chill and cool workspace for young to working adults to do personal or group work, daily. Customers booked our space for workshops, corporate meetings, talks, party gatherings, photoshoots, product launching, bazaars and more. Among our prestigious clients are PETRONAS, WWF x Marecet Researchers, Lean In Malaysia, ING Creatives (UAE), Q2Han Youtuber (Korea) and more.

We consist of four partners all together: Kay, Farr, Wany and Nadia. Services offered by GRID are space rentals, shared desk, virtual office, meeting rooms and day pass.

1Twenty80: What are all of your backgrounds and is GRID your full time job?

Nadia graduated in tourism, Kay and Farr are both engineering graduates while Wany is a graduate architect. Currently only Nadia works full time at GRID!

1Twenty80: What inspired you to start your business?

Our families! All of us came from entrepreneurial family backgrounds, and it was our personal goal in life.

1Twenty80: When was your space launched and what kind of obstacles did you face in the early days?

We were just discussing just among us since July 2018, scouted locations, did research, case studies and meetings for several months before we started on interior renovation by December 2018. Then, we opened for business in March 2019. That’s less than a year! During the early days, our challenges were adapting to the new entrepreneur schedule which is juggling full time and part time work. Also, hustling with very limited new staff which was only two fresh interns.

1Twenty80: What makes GRID different to other co-working spaces available?

In Subang, others may focus more on co-working but at GRID, we are open for events. GRID is designed as transformable (Japanese folding concept) to meet a variety of layout needs. This was the reason we could accommodate to demands such as yoga, markets, talks, workshops and more. We also have a ‘homey’ touch where people can relax at the swings, nap on the carpets, change their view on the platformed seating or lay back on bean bags. Throw in bottomless hot lattes and who wouldn’t stay there all day?

Quote: We aim to maximise comfort and quality at an affordable price!

1Twenty80: What kind of facilities do you provide at your space? Are you thinking of expanding your operations elsewhere or into other industries?

We aim to maximise comfort and quality at an affordable price! Facilities include fully air-conditioned space, high speed WiFi, shared tables, projector, wallboard for meetings, free flow snacks and coffee, microwave, lounge with swings and soft carpets! Additionally, there’s also a surau, washrooms, call room, pantry, refrigerator, water dispenser, plug points, printing and scanning service, catering service for events, event decorator and event organiser services.

Expanding? Of course! We hope to own a building with more facilities or more branches in hotspot areas.

1Twenty80: How can people find out about cool workshops, talks, events, or classes that are being conducted at grid?

Social media platforms are the best way to stay in touch. Check out our Instagram (@grid. space), Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also collaborate with influencers, brands or established workshops tutors especially, to spread the news. For example, we worked with Q2Han from Korea who has 400,000 subscribers! Once they announced it on Youtube, 700 people RSVP-ed! Then, slowly the audience is building up.

1Twenty80: Who inspires you to be the successful person you are today?

Our families and friends came from successful surroundings. We always feel the need to compete and challenge but most importantly, we do it for ourselves. And our future generation as well!

1Twenty80: As entrepreneurs, we’re quite sure you’re all very busy. how do you ensure that you have work-life balance?

Discipline; time management; prioritising; and speed.

Not everyone have these characteristics, but once you have a business, you’ll just automatically do it like *snaps fingers*.

Quotes: Your dreams are reachable if you work hard for it. don’t give up when one door closes, try a hundred more new ways.

1Twenty80: How do you ensure that you stay healthy while managing your business?

We have to take care of our health, mental health and other needs in order to perform our absolute best at work. Nadia loves reading and stays away from gadgets sometimes, Kay sticks to kickboxing two times per week, Wany prefers sweating twice a week at the gym and sauna, while Farr will self train cardio and HIIT workouts daily! Sounds impossible, but it’s the truth!

1Twenty80: What do you do to unwind?

Since we all started as boarding school friends and colleagues at old companies, jokes and laughs come naturally and with ease during hard times. Besides that, most of us will take turn going on long holidays to visit new countries.

1Twenty80: Words of wisdom to any of our readers who want to become an entrepreneur or chase their dreams?

Your dreams are reachable if you work hard for it. Don’t give up when one door closes, try a hundred more new ways. And always ask much more experienced and successful people for a fast track. Good luck!