Green With Envy

What do you do when someone you know got the job you really wanted?

Career envy can pop up in anyone, no matter the temperament and career. Yes, you’re qualified and tried really hard at the interview but the job you wanted went to a co-worker or a close friend you really like and respect. It’s perfectly normal to have negative feelings like bitterness and disappointment but there’s no need to wallow in self-pity.

Next time this happens to you, try these techniques:

#1: Accept it

Acknowledge your feelings of disappointment instead of ignoring them.

It’s completely fine to even cry, as long as you don’t bottle up your feelings.

#2: Rename your jealousy

Instead of stewing in your jealousy, convert that jealous energy into motivation. Tell yourself: “I’m inspired by her ability to …….. I would like to develop skills like that as well.”

#3: Reaffirm your self-worth

You may think that because you didn’t get the job you wanted, there must be something wrong with you. Remind yourself of your self-worth by journaling or reading back emails where your colleague or boss compliments you.

#4: You’re forgiven

Forgive yourself for not landing that job and also being jealous of your friend.

#5: Accept what you can’t control

You did a phenomenal job at the interview but perhaps they’re looking for someone with a different set of skills or maybe it’s something else. You might never find out but it’s important to know that there are some things that are out of your control and not to dwell on it.

Reference: The Muse