Foremula for Success

This new café promises to be a new favourite place to eat, drink and laugh.

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Foremula is a café tucked in the commercial and office area of Ara Damansara that promises to be your new favourite hangout spot. With airy high ceilings, simple and geometric decoration, along with friendly staff, Foremula is perfectly cosy and calm, great for brunch with your friends or for days when you need a quiet corner to work.

The Big Break

Let’s dive straight into their delicious offerings with ‘The Big Break’, their version of a big breakfast which is customisable with either scrambled, sunny side up or poached, or your choice of either beef bacon or turkey ham and beef or chicken sausage (phew!). The hash brown was so crispy despite sitting on the scrambled eggs and the mushrooms were fried just right.

Black Apple

To go with the big breakfast, their ‘Black Apple’ is a refreshing twist to your daily espresso. The Black Apple is espresso mixed with fresh apple juice and this drink is great especially if you find the taste of espresso a little too strong for your liking.

Crabby Patty

If you’re a fan of soft-shell crab and also Spongebob, the Crabby Patty is a definite must order. The Crabby Patty is made up of deep-fried marinated soft-shell crab stuffed into fried mantao served on a bed of local coleslaw. What we liked about the Crabby Patty was that the soft-shell crab was evenly battered and fried, without hard bits in it and the fried mantao was the perfect, fluffy, slightly crispy vehicle for it.

Butter Me Up, Chick

Next up, we have a protein heavy dish, the Butter Me Up, Chick, which is like chicken Maryland but with a wonderful milky twist. The boneless chicken thigh was covered in seasoned batter and deep fried till crisp and served with a creamy curry buttermilk sauce. The Butter Me Up, Chick comes with a side of sweet potato fries and fresh salad.

ren-Dang That’s Good!

Combining both local and Western cuisine, the ‘ren-Dang That’s Good!’ is a minced beef rendang ragout pasta tossed with conchiglio pasta. The garnishing of grated pecorino cheese, beef floss and rocket salad, balanced the dish with its lightness in contrast to the pasta and minced beef.

Foremula Toast

For those with a sweet tooth, their Foremula Toast will really hit the spot. Whether as breakfast or dessert after having one of the mains mentioned before, this sweet treat is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings. Made with sweet raisin bread and served with fresh strawberries, the whole confection is drizzled with caramelised coffee sauce with an extra serving of the sauce on the side to dip the toast in.

Foremula Café is located at

D9-1-G, Dana 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/46, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. They’re open from Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 7.30pm and are closed on Sundays.

Follow them for more updates and specials on their social media at Facebook ( foremula) and Instagram (@foremula).

Photographs by Susan Lau

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