Embracing the Malaysia Day Spirit

From the perspective of healthcare providers

Malaysia Day is celebrated every year by Malaysians to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian Federation on 16th September 1963.

When the Federation of Malaysia was initially formed in 1963, it comprised of Singapore, North Borneo, Malaysia, and Sarawak. However, it wasn’t until the year 2010 that this iconic date became an official public holiday in Malaysia. This time off gives Malaysians the opportunity to breathe and remember our nation’s history.

However, healthcare providers are some of the people who will most likely be working during Malaysia Day. Hence, we’re curious to know how they get into the Malaysia Day spirit whilst helping the community. To get an answer to this rarely pondered question, we approached a few healthcare providers with the big question, “How do you embrace the Malaysia Day spirit?”

I embrace the Malaysia Day spirit by sharing nutrition and health related posts on LinkedIn. These posts are shared daily and tailored to my Malaysian community.

I hope that I will inspire my fellow Malaysians to take charge of their health and look after themselves through these postings.

I also hope to tell them that it’s easy to be healthy and not as complicated as they think it would be.

Reshmy Ranee, Dietitian, 28 years old

In line with the spirit of Malaysia Day, it is indeed a blessing to see Malaysians being healthy and staying healthy in facing the current post-Covid-19 pandemic as we ride the journey towards endemicity and normalcy.

Malaysians now understand the importance of being healthy and staying healthy by continually practicing a healthy lifestyle to enjoy daily lives. Thus, avoiding any unhealthy behaviour is key to sustainable good health. Let’s stay healthy to face the current global and national challenges in our daily lives.

Amrahi Buang, President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), 67 years old

I feel excited to renew my patriotic spirit to celebrate Malaysia Day this year.

Fostering a sense of patriotism in Malaysia means educating oneself on the country’s history, heritage, cultural and ethnic diversity.

Being in the medical field I take this opportunity to educate my patients on health awareness as public health plays an essential role in health and wellness as well as disease prevention. As the saying goes, a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Dr. Thamayenthi Appalanayadu,
General Practitioner, 40 years old

For me, food will always be one of many things that unite us. Regardless of our differences, everyone has a story about their favorite food from different cultures and appreciates it more than anything else. To me, that will always reflect the Malaysian spirit in us and I will always embrace this wherever I am, be it in my own home country or when I’m in another country outside of Malaysia.

Valerie Tan, Occupational Health Nurse, 35 years old

A special thank you to our front liners who are working extremely hard to help us Malaysians so that we can continue to be healthy and stay upbeat to celebrate Malaysia Day!

Source: Awani News