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Dance reality shows such as ‘So you think you can dance’ or ‘Dancing with the stars’ are popular shows that top reality television charts and as a viewer, you may wish that you could put on your dancing shoes and look as good!

If that is you, what you may not have realise just yet is that everyone can and should dance. Dancing can do a lot more than just having fun. It’s also a form of exercise that helps to keep your body in shape, stay flexible, reduce stress and make new friends that have the same interest as you.

Dance for its benefits 

The benefits of dancing are endless. With a hectic lifestyle, you might forget the importance of socialising and connecting with others. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to make friends without the awkwardness. At the same time, you’ll be able to learn new skills that can be put to great use.

Image: Sien Mar Vin 

Image: Tan Wy Hann

According to, Sien Mar Vin and Tan Wy Hann, Founders of Mustang Dance Academy, a positive vibe that they have with their dance members is that, they’re all very warm hearted.

When a new member joins, the other dance members welcome them with open arms just like what a family does. So, making friends is easier than one would have thought and this most certainly help to keep your first dance class jitters at bay.

Build your stamina 

On top of that, dancing improves your stamina. Street dancing for example has always been a dance that is filled with a range of energetic body movements. With the simple steps that you apply in your dance routine, it can greatly improve your body’s stamina over time.

Dance for the betterment of yourself!

Dancing allows you to push your negative thoughts and hectic lifestyle to the side for a short period of time but enough to banish stress away from your mind. Dancing brings you into a whole new world, where you can dance, be yourself and not be judged by others. When you dance, it’s not just your feet that dances, but your heart does too.

Vary your stretching 


Stretch your right leg out, bend your body forward, lift your elbows and move it towards your chest inwards and outwards.


Stretch your left leg out and repeat the same action as above.


Lift your left leg, twist your body toward your left and touch your right elbow with your left knee. (Repeat this step with your right leg and left elbow).

STEP 4 & 5

Stretch your hands upwards, lift your right leg to a 90-degree angle, lower your hands and push your elbows back. (Repeat this step with your left leg).

STEP 6 & 7

Cross one leg over the other and carefully spin with your elbows lifted and facing outwards. (Repeat this step on the opposite direction).

These dance steps involve flexibility, stretching of your body muscles from your hands and right down to your legs. 

It’s a good idea to include movements that recruits multiple muscle groups that involve your shoulders, upper and lower arms (arms extensions), hips and leg muscles in your dance workout session. By doing so, you’re improving your body’s flexibility which also helps with your mobility range. Dancing is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy.


Don’t stop dancing when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!

Mar Vin and Wy Hann also shares their thoughts on dancing. They add on saying, “For us dance brings us to a new world where we would be able to express ourselves. Try dancing, it’s really an activity that could be used to relieve your stress because you’ll be able to feel free.”

Apart from that, dancing is a good way to bring out your negative emotions. This is a way healthier option with multiple benefits instead of choosing the wrong path to express your emotions. By taking up dance, individuals that are going through a tough time in life will be able to express their feelings as it is after all, a form of expression. 

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