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Whether planned or unplanned, coming back to the workforce might have its challenges

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There are many reasons for someone to take a career break and this could range from retrenchment, motherhood or even illness. No matter the reason, getting back on your feet may be a little challenging. Additionally, being away from the workplace may have dulled your skills and this may also impact your confidence.

To help you with that, here are some tips to help you on your transition back to the workforce.


Take some time to really think about the kind of work that you want and also your needs. Do you want to go back to the same role prior to leaving the workforce or something out of the box? Additionally, write down why you’d like to start working again. Your needs would include salary requirements, flexible working hours, childcare and others. Did you learn something new on your break? Add that into your resume if it’s relevant!


Refresh your memory on your industry by doing some research such as salary ranges or roles that would suit you. Let your ex-colleagues know you’re making a comeback because this can help you get potential jobs and also update you on your chosen industry! Don’t be shy and ask for tips on how to get back to the workforce as well!


After some time away, your industry would have changed quite a bit with new things added every day! The tools may stay the same but there may have been massive upgrades. Take a class or perhaps follow an online tutorial to top up your skills which can also go into your resume! Subscribe to newsletters and podcasts as well to shore up your knowledge of the industry.


Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume is how a recruiter would know whether you’re right for the job or perhaps have skills that could benefit the workplace in another department. There are plenty of online resources that could coach you on how to update your CV, common interview questions and even how to dress for an interview.

#5: K.I.S.S

K.I.S.S stands for Keep It Simple, Silly and this is in reference to when the recruiter is asking about your extended absence from the workplace. A simple explanation such as “It’s important for me to be with my child until nursery school” or “I was caring for a sick relative” is perfectly fine and try to steer the conversation to what you did before leaving the workforce.

Reference: The Balance Careers

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