Clean up & clean out!

Cleaning and organising is practice, not a project

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Did you know that decluttering your bedroom makes your life more positive?

Discarding your old or unused items can be a life-changing approach that allows your mind to be clear without the need to stress out too much.

Without realising it, we tend to surround our private space with unnecessary things that contribute to an undesired mess. This messiness can generate a negative environment and negatively influence your thinking process.

Here is a list of things you should get rid of!


Give books away!

Being a reader is amazing as you indulge in moments where you open a book and just sink into it. However, over years of purchasing more books, you tend to have less space to arrange the books neatly and hence, the mess. With no place left to store these books, you can find books everywhere in your living space, on the dining table or even under your pillows.

Many books are read just once because powerful stories stay in you forever. Keep the books that are your favourites and clear up those books that you have read only once or twice.

Box: Clutter no more:

To create a neater living environment, it is time for you to hand off those books that you have read more than once. You may either donate the books or give it as a gift to your friends and family who love to read.


Piles of receipt

You might find receipts everywhere from the top of your dresser, in between the pages of your book, in the drawer of your nightstand, crinkled in the bottom of your bag, wadded up in your wallet, and sometimes in a grocery bag that was tossed away.

If you plan to keep track of all your expenses, but you can’t seem to find or remember where you last kept the receipt, you need a plan on how to manage your receipts without losing them.

Box: Clutter no more:

Some great ways to go paperless is by keeping a record of your documents such as keeping track of them in your computer instead of accumulating all your receipts. If you’re planning on using some of these receipts on your taxes, then, have a file or a box where you are able to store all your receipts without misplacing them.


Clear your cupboard

Admit it! You have clothes in your wardrobe, behind your door and on your bed as well. In short, you have more clothes than you need. Rather than giving your clothes the chance to fill your wardrobe till bursting, try clearing out clothes that you haven’t worn for more than six months.

Box: Clutter no more:

You don’t need to have ten dresses in the same colour. Instead of throwing your clothes away, it is time to give away the clothes that you haven’t worn in the past six months including your scarves, socks and hats to the nearest donation centre. Another alternative you could do is, have a jumble sale or sell those clothes through your social media.


Saggy pillows, grumpy mornings!

Are you still hanging on to your old pillows or covering yourself with a comforter that is all worn out?

Using pillows with stuffing that’s all clumped up does not provide proper support for your head and neck. Plus, using old pillows, worn-out bedding or comforter is not good for your health as well. If you’re allergic to dust mites, then having old pillows and comforters are known to attract dust mites as it is very difficult to clean them thoroughly.

Box: Clutter no more:

It’s time to get a new set of pillows, a comfy comforter and have a good night’s sleep!


So many shoes, but only two feet!

If you love shoes, then you might have just too many to organise. It is alright to have a collection of shoes, but do you need all of them? Are there any two shoes that are similar?

Having more than five pairs is not the question, but how comfortable are they?

Shoes that make your toes beg for mercy or shoes that are worn out and beyond repair are shoes that need to go. There may be a few pairs that you absolutely love wearing but once they’re not in a good shape, it’s best to part with them. Piling up shoe boxes filled with torn and tattered shoes on your cupboard or under your bed only leads to clutter and dust accumulation.

Box: Clutter no more:

Get rid of all uncomfortable or unwearable shoes as a way to de-clutter, even if you’re left with just two pairs that fit the “comfortable shoes to keep” criteria. Not only your mind, but your feet too will thank you.

De-cluttering can take not just hours but days or even weeks. There’s no hard rule about how quick you should de-clutter your bedroom. So, take your time to clear up and clean out but do not procrastinate.

Ultimately, your effort will be paid off as you create a comfortable and cosy space to sleep and unwind in.

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