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Co-Founder of Sustenir, Benjamin Swan

Bringing fresh, sustainable and nutritious kale to Malaysians

Vegetables are always best when eaten fresh. Though, how often are you able to enjoy the luxury of eating fresh vegetables? Unless they’re homegrown, of course. For most households, daily vegetable supplies are replenished from trips to the supermarket and there are instances where consumers are left with no choice but to buy ‘fresh’ vegetables that are close to turning yellow or wilting.

This is because, from farm to supermarket shelves, it can take up to a couple of days to reach the hands of the end consumer.

When Co-Founder of Sustenir, Benjamin Swan, realised that the standards of fresh produce was not equal in urban areas, he knew that something needed to be done. Benjamin was previously working in the world of banking, with designing and executing Citibank’s Smart Banking Platform as part of his career milestones.

He decided to make a shift in his career when Benjamin and his business partner Martin Lavoo had a strong desire to move the world towards sustainability by creating smart farming technology that contributes to the taste and quality of fresh produce such as Sustenir’s.

Urban folks can now rejoice as it is now possible for you to serve fresh and nutritious  store-bought kale on your table. Benjamin shares with us about how he made this happen.




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