Beets to Eat

Beetroots are packed with essential nutrients

Beetroot is a popular vegetable used in many cuisines. This bright red-purple favourite is a perfect source of nutrition for people of all ages. The best part is, this delicious beet is versatile and can be easily included into any recipe.

From beetroot juice to dehydrated beets and steamed ones, here are some benefits you’ll reap from eating brightly coloured vegetables!

#1 Beetroots are nutritious yet low in calories.
#2 It contains a high concentration of nitrate which helps to keep your blood pressure in check.
#3 Athletes enjoy beet juice daily to enhance their performance as it helps to improve the body’s use of oxygen.
#4 Beets are a good source of fibre. A healthy dose of beets helps to regulate bowel movements and ultimately improve your gut health.
#5 The nitrate found in beets helps to also improve blood flow to the brain. This may help with improving cognitive function as well as reducing the risk of dementia.