Are you a shopaholic?

“Just one more...” you whispered to yourself

Do you have a secret shopping addiction? Do you find it difficult to control the urge to go shopping again after a shopping spree last week? 

Find out if you’re a shopaholic with these tell-tale signs:

Anxious or upset

Does the thought of not being able to shop make you feel uneasy? Do you turn to online shopping when you’re unable to go to the mall?

“Just because”

You’re shopping just because you can is an indication that your shopping addiction has gone out of control especially when you keep purchasing the same type of items such as bags or shoes, even though you have more than enough. 

Retail therapy

Your purchasing decisions are influenced by your emotions. Turning to shopping when you’re  stressed, angry or even sad is what shopaholics tend to do. 

High and excited

You experience a rush of excitement when you’re able to buy something new. Over time, the pleasure you feel whenever you shop becomes addictive, especially when you pass by your favourite stores. 

Hide those bags!

  • Look in your closet or under your bed. What do you notice? You’re running out of space to hide your shopping bags from your family and friends. 
  • You’re sneaking in your purchases into your room and pretending that you’ve not been doing any shopping lately. 
  • It’s never too late. If you feel any of the above represent you, it’s time to seek for some help. 
  • Fight your shopping addiction by cancelling your credit cards, avoid using debit cards and only bring limited amount of cash when you’re going out

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