A fitness holiday retreat

Going on a fitness holiday is bound to be a vacation like no other

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Have you ever thought of furthering your fitness journey by perhaps travelling to the place where your sport of choice was invented? It could also be as simple as travelling somewhere for a marathon or to hike a special trail.

An added benefit to fitness holidays is not having to worry about being too ‘sinful’ on your travels and piling on the pounds. Additionally, some fitness holiday packages may include healthy meals as well.

There is no need to plan an elaborate fitness holiday where you need to go full throttle every hour of every single day. A leisurely walking holiday where you explore a city of your choice will definitely hit your step count and more! Furthermore, you’ll be able to find a city’s gems like hidden stores or cafés that you might miss if you were travelling via bus, car or even scooter.

Here are some suggestions of fitness holidays that might pique your interests.


Like any other holiday, there are yoga retreats suitable for every budget. Why not go directly to the source and check out yoga retreats in India? Bamboo Yoga, based in Goa, India, is located at the end of Patnem beach and features experienced teachers, comfortable accommodation and serves organic, vegetarian food. If you prefer to stay elsewhere, drop by for the twice a day 90-minute classes, and enjoy a meal at the restaurants dotting the beach.

For more information and bookings, check out their website at www.bamboo-yoga-retreat.com.

PURE FLOW YOGA  Koh Phangan, Thailand

Nearer to home is Pure Flow Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Drop-ins are welcome and the retreat offers both experiences of being near the lush jungle and also the therapeutic ocean waves. There are also hiking trails available for the nature buffs and the usual kayaking, snorkelling and fishing in the ocean.

For more information on their accommodations and bookings, check out their website at pureflow.yoga.


Fret not especially if running is your preference because marathons are being held in many exotic locations spread all over the globe. The Tokyo Marathon will be happening on 3 March 2019 and the course will wind through the past, present and future of Tokyo which includes running past skyscrapers in Shinjuku, opulent buildings in Ginza, the Imperial Palace, to finish at Tokyo Station (Gyoko-dori).

For more information, check out their page at www.marathon.tokyo/en.


Much closer to home is the Borneo Marathon which will be happening on 28 April 2019. With their affordable registration fees, this marathon is a great way to explore Kota Kinabalu as the courses will pass various Sabahan sights such as the City Mosque also known as the floating mosque and the coastal road at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen.

For information such as course routes and more, check out borneomarathon.com.


As for the super nature buffs and survivalists, the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand spans almost 3000 kilometres and takes about five months to finish! The trail is split into 160 tracks and cuts through New Zealand from Cape Reinga, tip of the North Island, to Bluff, on the edge of the South Island.

For further information, packing tips and registration, go to their website at www.teararoa.org.nz.

MULU NATIONAL PARK, Sarawak, Malaysia

If you don’t have five months to traverse Te Araroa, head on over to the Mulu National Park for a three-day two night hike of the Pinnacles. The trail includes a boat ride, visit to a Penan longhouse, a tour of the Wind and Clearwater Cave, a stay at a basic forest shelter, and the Pinnacle climb will commence early, the next morning.

Do be advised that this climb is not suitable for children under the age of 16 years old and also not for those with a fear of heights. Additionally, this climb is best for those with above average fitness and are at the peak of health.

For bookings and further information on the trail and frequently asked questions, check out the Mulu National Park website at mulupark.com/tours-activities/treks-trails/pinnacles.

Packing wisely

Other than the usual necessities during travel, a fitness holiday may require a different set of items to pack. Do consider bringing these:

    • Powder
    • Detergent in an airtight container to wash on the go.
    • Thick socks to prevent friction burns and also keep your feet warm especially if you’re hiking somewhere in lower temperatures.
    • A light jacket even if you’re going somewhere tropical.
    • Silica gel packets in case your laundry doesn’t dry in time or to put in your shoes during the end of the day to help absorb the moisture and prevent bacteria growth.

Planning tips

  • Choose accommodations that either offer you to use of a washing machine or one that is located near a laundromat.
  • Always purchase check in luggage so you won’t have to smash around the airport and take up massive amounts of space in the overhead cabin.

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