9 Simple Ways To A Healthier Vagina

Are you treating your vagina right? Here’re some tips for you!

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The vagina, also nicknamed as Va-jay jay, Lady V and hoo-ha to name a few, is not a subject of discussion that many women openly talk about.

Especially in more conservative communities, any topic associated with the vagina are often discussed privately or not talked about at all.

Even when it comes to reading about the subject, many women would rather read about it privately in a room or if in public, she would look around to ensure that no one would ‘catch’ her reading about it.

The vagina is a much-respected private area of the female anatomy and there is nothing to be shy about when discussing about the health of your vagina.

As a matter of fact, it is important that the vagina is well taken care of and most importantly, the right way.

As a woman, are you taking good care of your vagina? Are you doing too little or perhaps too much?

To help you out, here are some tips for you to keep your vagina healthy.

Also, there’s no need to feel shy when reading this article, you’re doing yourself something good by keeping your vagina healthy and you should be proud of it!


Cotton panties are your best option if you’re looking for underwear that’s comfortable and breathable. Cotton absorbs moisture and hence, leaving little to no room for yeast or any unwanted bacteria to grow.

Plus, if you live in a country that’s humid, cotton panties are your best option as it prevents not only moisture but heat from trapping too. Hence, making it more comfortable for you to go about your daily routine without feeling damp and uncomfortable ‘down there’. So, save the lace and satin for special occasions. Instead, opt for cotton for daily comfort.


While it feels awesome to step out of the shower smelling of your favourite scented bath product, there’s one area of your body that’s not quite appreciative of this sweet-smelling gesture and that’s your vagina. The harsh chemicals and fragrances used to produce your favourite perfumed bath product can affect your vagina’s pH level. This could then cause a series of health issues including Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and skin irritation. So, go slow on fancy shower gels and bath bombs. Instead, opt for bath products that are not scented or scented naturally for daily use.


Your vagina is very delicate yet incredible. Did you know that your vagina is able to ‘look after itself’? It secretes mucous that cleans the vagina and hence, there’s no need to worry about having to ‘flush the dirt out’ or buy specific products to maintain its health. So, unless told otherwise by your doctor, water or a mild fragrance free soap is sufficient to keep your vagina and its surrounding area clean and healthy.


While your vagina is able to clean itself, the external area of your genital, that is your vulva as well as labia does need some extra care and attention. Due to its natural folds, bacteria as well as the buildup of your body’s oil and dead skin (known as smegma) can hide itself within those folds, which can affect your genital hygiene. So, you’ll want to give it a nice and gentle wash from time to time. Mind you, being gentle by using your hands and just water will do the trick. Avoid scrubbing the area with a loofah, towel or body scrub. Ouch!


Tight panties do not only look unpleasant (as it forms bulges), it’s skin cutting and feels uncomfortable too. Plus, it can cause friction and skin irritation that will not leave you in peace. So, to avoid those embarrassing moments of having to hide at a corner or run to the bathroom because you’re dying to scratch your crotch due to the skin friction caused by your tight panties, save the hassle by wearing comfortably fitted ones. If you need help with identifying your size, you could always ask the store personnel for some assistance. Remember, you’re beautiful and there’s no need to be shy.


It can feel a little uncomfortable to show your private area to a stranger but there is no need to feel any shame when paying a visit to a gynaecologist. However, you can make your trip

to the gynae easier by finding one that you’re comfortable talking to. This way, it’ll feel easier to discuss if you have any questions or issues that need to be highlighted. Plus, it’ll make your annual pap-smear visits less stressful too!


Skin irritation can also be caused by harsh rubs around your genital area. There’s no need to rub your vulva with a towel back and forth. Simply pat it dry around the area will do the trick. Alternatively, you could also set your hairdryer on cool to dry the area but if you’re not a big fan of blow-drying your lady part, patting with a dry towel is sufficient.


Prevent the spread of bad bacteria such as E.Coli by always wiping from front to back after using the bathroom. E.Coli as well as other bacteria can infect your urinary tract and vagina and cause an infection. Although this gesture seems so simple, it is actually very important if you would like to maintain the health of your vagina.


There’s a series of workouts to improve the muscle strength of a specific body area such as sit-ups for your abs, lunges for your thighs and buttocks and Kegel exercises for your vagina. Kegel exercises involve repetitively squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and relaxing them to improve its strength. Strong and relaxed pelvic floor as well as vagina muscles do not only give you better sex, it also prevents urinary leakage.

So, keep your Va-jayjay in good health by including these nine simple yet effective steps into your daily routine. It’s never too late nor too early to take good care of your vagina so don’t wait any longer!

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