8 Quick facts about your kidneys

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Your kidneys are vital organs that help your body pass toxins as urine. Your kidneys also help to filter blood, before your body pumps it back to your heart. 

Did you know that your kidneys help to keep your blood pressure under control too? Here are eight other interesting facts about them!

  1. Kidneys produce a hormone that prompts your body to make red blood cells. 
  2. Your kidneys have an unusual shape and kidney beans are named after them due to its similar shape. 
  3. A 1994 study suggests that a healthy man’s kidney weighs about 1.336 kilograms and 1.198 kilograms for women.
  4. Most people do not develop any symptoms during the early stages of kidney disease. 
  5. Nephrons are the most important part of your kidneys as they help to metabolise nutrients in your blood and pass out waste. Each kidney has about 1 million nephrons!
  6. Your risk of kidney disease increases if you are diabetic and/or have hypertension.
  7. You can protect your kidneys by eating healthy meals, limiting your alcohol intake, keeping your blood sugar and pressure under control as well as your cholesterol levels. 
  8. There are some over-the-counter medications that could harm your kidneys such as ibuprofen and aspirin. So, be sure to speak to your healthcare provider about your risks before taking these medications.

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