6 Local Delicacies You Should Try!

You definitely don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food!

Malaysia has inherited a vast array of cuisines that are simply too desirable, especially with a myriad of local food influenced by the variety of cultures. Apart from its cultural diversity, the first most important thing you should know is that Malaysians have a strong passion for food.

Regardless of which part of Malaysia you visit, you’ll quickly dispense into the historical stories and ponder on what to eat next. If you’re a strong food lover, here are some unique dishes you have to give a try that will give you the authentic feel. To help narrow your choices, here are 5 of Malaysia’s unique dishes you should definitely give a try.

Nonsom, Sabah

Nonsom or sometimes known as Bosou is a traditional fermented fish-rice product. It is made among the KadazanDusun- Murut community in Sabah. This authentic dish is put together using freshwater fish, salt rice and pangi (a type of local herb). After fermented, the freshwater fish may taste a little cheesy. Nonsom is readily available all around Sabah and is best served with white rice. So, if you’re ever in Sabah, do give it a try and let us know how it was!

Pekasam, Kedah

This fermented fish can be eaten in various ways. One common way is by mincing the flesh of the fish into beaten eggs and later on fried into omelettes. On top of that, it is also added to stir fry vegetables.

Nasi Tumpang, Kelantan

Nasi Tumpang is a unique looking food that is exclusively found in the state of Kelantan.

It is unlike any other rice dish you’ve tasted because of the various combinations of dishes included in it. Nasi Tumpang is an exceptional rice dish with a variety of dishes layered together in a tightly wrapped cone shape using banana leaves. Some of the common combinations are rice, curry (fish or shrimp curry), omelette, cucumber, sweet sambal gravy as well as beef or fish floss. These dishes are tightly wrapped in a cone shape with banana leaves.

Traditionally, Nasi Tumpang was a staple food among sailors and farmers as they often brought it to work.

Sata, Terengganu

As we all know, Terengganu is situated on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Hence, you can often find snacks made from seafoods including fish. One of the best kept secrets in Terengganu is Sata or also known as Satah!

Sata is a savory snack made out of spiced fish meat that is wrapped in banana leaves before it is sent to the grill. The main ingredients consist of fish, onions, grated coconut and spices. This is a snack worth-trying!

Butod, Sarawak

Are you someone who’s willing to eat something live and wiggly? If yes, then here’s something you can give a try. Sago Grub or better known as Butod is one of the most bizarre foods in Sarawak and has become an authentic delicacy among the locals. Butod has the taste of cheese and cream and they are often eaten by dipping in chilies marinated in sauce or even fried. But, beware as this isn’t for the faint hearts.

This little wiggly food is supposed to be a pest as a consequence of voraciously eating into the heart of sago palm. However, their high source of protein and fibre has made them into a delicacy in Sarawak.

Cincalok, Malacca

Do not feel intimidated by the look of this dish because this could be the missing item to your dish! Cincalok, also written as Cincaluk, Chincalok or Cencaluk is prepared using small shrimps or krill and is later fermented in salt for a number of days. It is usually served as a side dish together with chilies, shallots and lime juice and is best eaten with hot rice and omelette or used as an ingredient in cooking.

This fermented shrimp can easily be found in Malacca and is readily sold in bottles in convenience stores. So, get a bottle for yourself and give it a try!

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