6 Important Travel Safety Items for Female Travellers

These useful items can reduce hassle when travelling

Travelling the world can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Solo travellers, especially women may experience a higher likelihood of danger when travelling by themselves.

Hence it’s important for female travellers to equip themselves with safety items to ensure a safe and smooth travel. Carrying something as small as a pepper spray may help you escape from dangerous situations if you ever find yourself to be in one.

Other than pepper sprays, there are other safety items solo female travellers can carry for that added sense of safety and security. If you have plans to travel solo, here are some safety items you can look into, to bring along on your next trip.


Personal alarms can be found in many shapes and forms. One of the best features of personal alarms is that they can be disguised as a keychain or a necklace in some cases. This makes it easier for you to carry around with you all the time.

If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, the personal alarm can be activated by a button or you can pull the tag from the alarm which will set the siren off. This siren is usually a loud noise that is meant to startle the attacker and simultaneously alert the people around you.

Before purchasing any personal alarms, do try it out if possible or get a guaranteed function assurance from the seller. It’s because there are currently a number of fake personal alarms that easily malfunction and they fail to complete their task. Hence, it’s important to ensure you have a functioning personal alarm to help you in a critical situation.


Safety comes first! This also includes your physical safety. When travelling in new places, it’s possible for one to experience injuries when they’re not used to the terrains. Mishaps such as cuts or falling are sometimes common when travelling.

That’s why it’s important for travellers in general to carry around portable first aid kits that have all the necessities to treat any potential injuries. Some important things that a first aid kit should have includes bandages, antiseptic, antihistamine, alcohol swabs and more.

You can purchase portable first aid kits or put together your own kit of essentials. The choice is yours.


Anti-theft bags come in a wide range of options. They’re essentially purses, luggage or backpacks that have built-in safety features in them. The purpose of these anti-theft bags are to prevent you from becoming victims of theft when travelling, such as pickpocketing.

The zips are usually concealed to prevent tampering or pickpocketing while you are travelling. Some anti-theft bags also come with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology that helps protect the sensitive information on your credit cards or other cards.


When walking alone in the dark or during the night in a badly lit area, a small flashlight can help light up the path in front of you. Holding a flashlight while walking can help you step away from potholes or drains which might not be visible in the dark.

You can also find flashlights that function as a personal alarm and this 2-in-1 device helps light up and keep dangers at bay. You can find them online. Be sure to purchase a highly reliable flashlight to ensure longevity.


If you’re unable to purchase anti-theft bags for important belongings such as your keys, purse or wallet, money and cards, cross body bags are the next best alternative. These bags are designed to stay close to your body with the help of a strap that loops around your body.

Since it’s always resting on your person, it’s easier to keep an eye on your important belongings. It’s always wise for you to position your cross body bag on the front of your body so you can always keep an eye on it. If you were to hang the bag on the back of your body, it makes the bag vulnerable to street thieves and pickpockets.


When it comes to pepper spray, it’s always important to check the rules and regulations of your destination to ensure that it’s legal for you to be in possession of one. This is because it might not be legal for you to use pepper spray in some places. In most circumstances, if a destination forbids the possession of pepper spray, then you’re most likely not allowed to carry it in your luggage in the flight and airport security checks may not allow it as well.

Hence, always remember to check the law of the destination before bringing along pepper spray. That being said, pepper sprays help ward off bears if you’re hiking in bear territory or keep away attackers if you’re by yourself.

Ladies, always remember to plan ahead when travelling to ensure a safe and smooth travel. Keep your family or close ones updated on your latest whereabouts to ensure that you’re trackable. With that in mind, travel safe and have fun!

Source: The Boho Chica, Go Backpacking