6 Benefits of working from home

Here’s why remote working is the next big thing

The current pandemic has forced new norms on us as things took a turn for the worst since last year. There’s no knowing when this will all end and when our lives will return to how it used to be. Companies all over the world are now urging employees to work remotely from home.

What may have seemed unideal and impractical has turned possible as employees were able to perform their job well, or even more so than before.

As many will continue to work from home during this pandemic, here are six benefits that will help you to look on the brighter side of things!


Having to force yourself out of the bed to get ready for the day and to see yourself being stuck in a standstill traffic as you see the sun starts to rise. No one would look forward to a dreadful morning routine to kick start a new day. Employees can now dedicate the time they spend on commuting to now utilising it on working on their daily tasks.


The process of earning an income also demands for incurred work-related expenses. Well, you will no longer have to ponder over the costs for commuting, parking fees and meals. Your long journey to the workplace is now being replaced with a few steps to your home desk and cooking your own meals are now possible. Therefore, you’ll be able to expect a bigger fraction of your income to go into your savings.


Working in a diverse environment calls for better communication and teamwork among employees but that could also easily become the biggest distraction to some. Some people might have a hard time concentrating with the ongoing noise and chatter in the background whereas working from home at a quiet space will help them to stay focused.


From lesser time spent on commuting to flexible working hours, that helps employees to lead a less stressful lifestyle and this will keep them happy and content. When employees are able to meet their daily needs, they are more likely to stay loyal to their company while the company will receive a better employee retention.

Now, who says only the employees get to enjoy the benefits of remote working? The pros go both ways as the company will also be able to harness the best out of this practice.


Sending employees to work from home means there won’t be a need for a space to accommodate them. Even when employees are required to check in on alternative days, smaller spaces and lesser facilities are needed for business operation. Companies will be able to cut down on their overhead expenses on office supplies, utility bills and cleaning services.


Having an option to work from home greatly increases the company’s appeal to job applicants over its competitors. Opening the position with a choice to work apart from the workplace also provides an opportunity to people from all parts of the world. This way, the company will be able to attract new talents in order to grow and execute its mission.

Concerns among employers may arise from the scepticism towards the whole idea of remote working as they lack the ability to supervise directly. That is when clear expectations and guidelines are needed to keep track of employees.

Working from home means you are your own boss too. As much benefits as it offers, you will need to have self-discipline, motivation and the concentration to work in solitude. So, is it better to work from your workplace or your home? At the end of the day, it depends on where you would be able to perform better and strive for the best.

Words by Ivey Teh