5 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Denim Jeans

Don’t give up on your denims just yet

Do you have an old pair of jeans that hasn’t seen the light in some time? Are you thinking of tossing out some really worn out denim clothes?

Before you decide to never see them again, here are some creative ways you can upcycle this amazingly durable fabric.

#1 Reuse denim jeans into a bag

You can make various bag styles using denim jeans. Some of the most popular bag styles are made from the legs and the upper half of the jeans, starting from the waistband to the front pockets.

One of the easiest ways is to cut off the legs of the jeans right below the front pockets and sew the holes shut, giving it a pouch-like bottom. If you have an extra bag strap, you can loop the ends through the belt loops of the jeans.

#2 Turn the denim fabric into stylish coasters

Coasters create a barrier between cold or hot food/beverages and the furniture. Since denim is known for its durability and thick texture, it makes the perfect choice for coasters!

#3 Denim pouch

You can make denim pouches from the pockets or the legs of your jeans. These pouches can serve various purposes from being used as a makeup bag to a pencil case.

#4 Use denim scraps to make a quilt

Nothing screams comfort like a quilt made with love. Stitch denim pieces to make a quilt for your loved ones and it’s a perfect gift for almost any occasion.

#5 Turn the jeans into denim shorts

Cut off the legs of your jeans and voila! You got yourself denim shorts with frayed ends. You can even turn it into a three quarter pants if you desire a longer length. For a cleaner and neater look, you can sew the cuffs to prevent loose threads.