5 Magical Destinations & Where to Find Them

Embracing mythic obessions

Elusive aquatic beast, Home of the Gods, the place where once a great King lived- these places may sound like they’re right out of a fairy tale. However, it’s these very myths and legends that draw history-and mythology-obsessed tourists to these unique locations.

#1 Lochness, Scotland

This mysterious loch is stunning and is located close to Inverness. Since the first photograph of Loch Ness appeared in 1933, legends about a huge monster living deep beneath the murky depths of the lake have taken root all over the world.

Local folklore about this elusive creature, affectionately known as “Nessie”, endures because it is adored by both residents and tourists. Visit Scotland claims that despite over 1,000 eyewitness reports, sightings, and other unexplained evidence, scientists are still befuddled by Nessie’s existence.

In addition to Nessie, Loch Ness offers breathtaking scenery, exhilarating adventure pursuits, as well as nearby castles that have withstood time.

ADDITIONAL FUN FACT: Loch Ness is one of the largest lakes in the United Kingdom, holding more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined!

#2 Mount Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus is situated in Northeast Greece with many believing it is the home of Zeus and the major Greek gods since before the time of Homer. Mostly, Mount Olympus is snow capped and is shrouded by clouds thus making it the perfect abode for the Greek Gods.

In present day, Mount Olympus and the area around it, is home to over 1700 species of flora and fauna with more than 30 species of mammals, 100 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles.

With its many deep valleys and steep slopes, Mount Olympus is the perfect place for activities like mountain climbing, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, and jeep safari.

Looking to embrace the inner Olympian in you? Now, you know where to go!

#3 Tintagel Castle, United Kingdom

The Tintagel Castle is a Cornish castle with links to the Arthurian Legend. It amassed literary popularity when in the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth named it as the place where King Arthur was conceived with the magical help from Merlin the Wizard.

In modern day, the authorities of Tintagel Castle today have embraced the castle’s history in its entirety, dedicating many locations based on Arthurian legends and events. Visitors to the castle will be able to descend to the water’s edge to stroll along the sandy beach and explore Merlin’s Cave.

Those who wish to uncover tales of King Arthur can do so at the exhibition that takes place at the Visitor Centre. Apart from rich history-laden places, visitors can also bask in the natural landscape and be on the lookout for unique wildlife. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness seals playing in the water!

#4 The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland seems to be the home of rich legends. The Isle of Skye is often perceived as magical due to its picturesque backdrops and colourful mystical tales. Some locals believe that the Island’s alluring past is linked closely with fairies and almost every hill has some form of enchanting story to it.

The Fairy Pools are one location, though, that has long been connected to fairies and is now a well-liked tourist destination. These sparkling blue pools are a collection of waterfalls encircled by high rocky cliffs and greenery till the farthest your eyes can see.

Legend even has it that if you’re visiting the Isle of Skye at the right time and the right place, you might just spot some fairies amongst the Isle’s mysterious backdrop.

Today, the Isle of Skye is home to an array of habitats such as otters, dolphins, golden eagles, white-tailed sea eagles and puffins.

#5 Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

On the North Island of New Zealand, a cave known as the Waitomo Glowworm Caves is a popular tourist destination. Arachnocampa luminosa, a species of glowworm found only in New Zealand, is found in abundance here.

In addition to its caves and glowworms, Waitomo is a cultural hub with a rich history, mythology, and legends of the Maori people. You can learn about each cave’s history and origins as well as the challenges that Waitomo’s early settlers encountered trying to find the cave in an era before torches, during guided tours of each cave.

Chief Tane Tinorau and his wife Huti’s direct descendants make up a large portion of the staff working at the caves today. Local Maori chief, Chief Tane Tinorau was the first person to find Waitomo Caves in 1887.