4 secrets to overcoming video call gloominess

Are video calls affecting your confidence?

Working from home has forced many to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of back-to-back virtual meetings and video calls with colleagues. 

This is currently one of the safest ways to communicate without interfering with the demands of work but did you know that video calls can have an adverse effect on the way you see yourself?

Have you ever caught yourself during a virtual meeting, looking at your reflection on your computer screen and wondering if you look alright?

Video calls can make people uncomfortable about themselves. While it’s normal to ponder what others might think of us, more often than not, we are our own worst critics. So, in the strength to help you feel better about yourself when you connect with others in the virtual world, we’ve compiled four secrets to help you feel more confident when you’re on a video call. 

#1 Cut out the negative self-talk

Negative self-talk can take many forms and ultimately crush your confidence. It can sound grounded like “Why does everyone have a good angle but I don’t?” or “I can never look right, especially on video calls”. At that time, it may seem like a realistic appraisal of the situation.

However, it only devolves you into a fear-based fantasy. 

Negative self-talk limits your ability to believe in yourself. Such negative thoughts can not only be stressful, but it can really stunt your success. Instead, convert these negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, remind yourself that you look good and you’re able to get through the video call meetings. On top of that, feel confident with how you look and that will automatically boost your confidence on camera. 

#2 Turn the other way

We don’t mean it literally but if you find that staring into your own image is doing more harm than good, try minimising the screen with your image or adjust the grid display of your video call to focus on the person on the call. If you’re finding it a little tricky to do this with your video call platform, paste a sticky note on your screen to cover your reflection on camera.

#3 Light, camera, action!

Put some thought and effort into setting up a good video call spot with a background that you’re comfortable with, ideally a plain background. This way, you will pay more attention to the conversation instead of worrying about how your background looks. Apart from that, tidy away the clutter on your work desk to avoid getting distracted during the meeting. 

Also, take note that lighting is important. You don’t want to have a bright light behind you as your camera will struggle to portray you well. So, position yourself in front of the light. Front lighting will usually be evenly lit with no shadows and illuminates your face.

#4 Volume up!

Audio quality is equally critical to the video. Sometimes, built-in microphones on your devices like laptops or desktops aren’t good. So, choose to use something externally like headsets or earphones. This way, when you speak, the other parties will be able to hear you loud and clear. Plus, this will help to reduce or eliminate any background noises.

We’re all in the same boat

Some of the things that get you tensed up and keep you on the edge include:

  • How your room and background may look. 
  • Wondering if your appearance is good enough or should you change your outfit? 
  • Constantly thinking if it’s too noisy and maybe you need to shift to a more quiet place in your home.

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