4 Benefits of Capsicum That Will Pep You Up!

Embrace the power of (bell) pepper!

Bell peppers or capsicums are a favourite across many cultures around the globe. This multi-coloured pepper has an eclectic flavour profile with the looks of being spicy but surprisingly it’s often sweet. Bell peppers can be found in the colours of green, yellow, red and even purple!

You can consume capsicums as it is or incorporate it in an array of dishes. There are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of bell peppers that makes it a global favourite. Here are some pep-tastic health benefits that capsicums can offer you.

#1 Promotes digestive health

Raw bell peppers are estimated to contain 2.5 grams of dietary fibre in every one cup serving. Dietary fibre is necessary for healthy stool formation. Without sufficient dietary fibre, you may experience complications such as constipation and bowel movement issues.

#2 Rich in antioxidants

Bell peppers are found to be rich in various types of antioxidants, primarily carotenoids. A number of research indicates that adequate consumption of ripe bell peppers that are rich in carotenoids may improve eye health. The antioxidants may differ depending on the colours and the ripeness of the capsicum. For example a ripe red bell pepper has high levels of capsanthin which contributes to its redness.

#3 Aids in anaemia prevention

Bell peppers contain high amounts of Vitamin C and when eaten raw alongside other iron-rich foods (such as spinach or meat), it may improve iron storage in our body. Iron nutrients in bell peppers are also found to improve iron absorption from our gut. Sufficient levels of iron in the body helps minimise the risk of anaemia.

#4 May reduce risk of diabetes

Since bell peppers are rich in fibres, it can impact sugar absorption in the bloodstream. This can benefit people who struggle with diabetes. Furthermore, vitamin C found in capsicums are also helpful for people who are Type 2 diabetes as it is found to reduce elevated blood sugar levels. It’s good to know that these colourful peppers can also offer eye-catching benefits. Perhaps the next grocery shopping trip might entail some extra bell peppers in the bag.

Source: Healthline & WebMD