3 ways to stop being a people-pleaser

It’s time to stand firm and do what’s right!

“I want people to like me. How can I do that without letting them take advantage of me?” Has this thought been bothering you for a long time? If yes, it’s okay to feel this way. However, it is of utmost importance that you know how to respect yourself and help others know how to respect you.

So, to help you with this we’ve got a few tips that you can put to good use.

I’m not an option, I’m a necessity

Do you act in a certain way because you want to be liked by others? It’s perfectly okay to want people to like you. However, it’s not about wanting to be liked that’s the issue, but the need to be liked in order to please yourself as well as others around you. Once it becomes a need, you’ll tend to act and do things that would result in you losing your self-respect and people taking advantage of you.

Respect yourself: To be  a  successful  person,  it’s important to be liked and respected. So, be yourself and let others like you for who you are, instead of who they want you to be. Do not give your co-workers the opportunity to look at you as an option that will benefit them, instead make them feel the necessity of having you around.

Do your job and do it well

Let’s be real. There will always be colleagues who admire you let alone those who constantly bring you down. Don’t worry so much about working to gain respect. Instead, spend that time doing your job well and you’ll be rewarded genuinely. Along with that, being truthful to yourself as well as to those around you plays a major role in ensuring that people do not take advantage of you.

Respect yourself: When you’re in a discussion or a meeting with your co-workers, always ensure that you get your job done and share the truth and nothing but the truth. This way, you don’t need to be caught up in a weird confrontation when your colleagues or boss finds out you haven’t been completely honest with them.

Strive for perfection by being YOU!

It’s likely that you’re a helpful person by nature, and sometimes unknowingly, you allow people to take advantage of you. Being nice is definitely your biggest pride and you tend to use it to please others. Stop this pattern! Unintentionally, you’re losing your self-respect.

Respect yourself: Be kind and nice to those around you, but at the same time have some boundaries so that you do not give others the opportunity to take advantage of you.

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